Drew Tevrizian
November 01, 2009 05:09PM
Hey Coaches,

I literally just opened up the website [CoachesFraternity.com]- an online community for bball coaches. We hope to connect coaches from across the country and discuss the game that we all love. Take the time to read the following and join the site.



Our Mission

Our Mission at The Coaches Fraternity is to promote the game of basketball and the coaching culture by bringing coaches of all levels together in a united online community.

Our Community

The Coaches Fraternity provides an online community where basketball coaches can freely associate with their colleagues. We envision this community as a comprehensive resource, offering any and every basketball-related service a current or aspiring coach could need. Whether you need information on nearby clinics, wish to schedule games or scrimmages, or simply with to talk hoops with like-minded peers, you’ll find it all at The Coaches Fraternity.

Our Members

The Coaches Fraternity welcomes basketball coaches from all levels, both Men’s and Women’s. We recognize that each level of coaching offers different insights into the game of basketball, and appreciate the varied perspectives that our valued members bring to The Coaches Fraternity.

Our members are the backbone of what The Coaches Fraternity has to offer. With each new coach comes new information and networking opportunities for all of our members. A critical element to the success of our mission is continued growth of our community. We promise to spread word of The Coaches Fraternity from coast to coast, so that all coaches across the nation will have the opportunity to associate with their nearby colleagues.

Our Inspiration

The Coaches Fraternity was founded in 2009. The Founders have long been true students of the game of basketball. Throughout our experiences as players and coaches, we have developed tremendous appreciation for the strategic and leadership qualities exhibited by some of basketball’s finest coaches.

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