Bobby Lutz, Huggins, and Few DVD's
August 10, 2005 12:28PM
Has anyone seen the following Bobby Lutz dvd's? The preview link does not work.

Coaching to Win: Changing Defenses
Coaching to Win: Full-Court Offense and Man Offense Drills
Coaching to Win: Practice Planning and Scouting Your Opponent

I am also interested in the Bob Huggins 1-1-3 Zone Defense, and Mark Few "Set Play To Maximize The Mismatch".

Bobby Lutz, Huggins, and Few DVD's
August 11, 2005 11:15AM
I got this DVD about a month ago along with the state of basketball dvd. Both are good productions. After reading quite a few books and internet articles on the subject I tought that there might be something different on the DVD.

This is not really the case. The DVD covers every major area and has some very good examples.

The best way to think about this DVD is if you have not covered the subject before it will help you a lot. But if you have done some research on the subject then it will only really be a complementary addition to the library.
Bobby Lutz, Huggins, and Few DVD's
August 12, 2005 01:09PM

The video previews are now online for the Bobby Lutz videos. Thanks for letting us know they were missing!

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