Best Zone Offense Videos
August 12, 2005 10:47AM
What are some of the best zone offense videos? If you could only have two which two would you recommend?

Also, how is the Kermit Davis Zone Offense video? I've heard some good things about it, and actually good things about all of his videos.

Best Zone Offense Videos
August 12, 2005 01:48PM

If possible could you write about some of the strengths of the videos. As a teacher and coach the dollars on videos must be spent wisely. Thanks!

Best Zone Offense Videos
August 29, 2006 10:45AM
Out of Nates top 5, which relate the best to high school girls? Also, does anybody have an opinion on the Don Meyer Zone attack video? Is it as good as those listed?
Best Zone Offense Videos
September 01, 2006 01:00AM
I just purchased Coach K's zone offense video and I really liked it. What he does is tries to teach more in concepts and generalities of how to play against a zone whithin his motion. He is of the belief, we all spend so much time practicing our man stuff, why let someone take you out of it by zoning you. He believes in learning how to beat a zone (ball reversals, spacing, odd vs even / even vs odd, screening the zone with shallow cuts, bigs starting deep "below" the zone and flashing into space, dribbling at gaps to bring the zone to you and then passing to the next player etc). Personally, I would recommend it for all levels of player. It is more of teaching your kids how to play than running set plays.
Best Zone Offense Videos
August 12, 2005 11:29AM

I recommend the following videos (in that order)...You may want to read the descriptions and decide on the offenses that match your personel. The Kermit Davis video is outstanding...Provides you with information against ANY defense (including junk defenses).

Kermit Davis: The Ultimate Package for Zone Offense
Jim Foster: The Multi-Purpose Zone Offense
Geno Auriemma: The Simplified Zone Offense
Bill Self: "Basic" and "Motion" 3-Out 2-In Zone Offenses
Tony Barone: The "X" Zone Offense
Best Zone Offense Videos
August 15, 2005 01:22PM

Please contact our basketball director, Thom McDonald, at 515.232.3687. He has viewed every video and would be a great resource in finding a zone offense video that will meet your needs.


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