2-2-1 Press & inbound plays
July 28, 2005 11:50PM
I'm looking for some shooting drills, Inbound plays and a good 2-2-1 press video. Only there are tons of shooting drill and various 2-2-1 presses and traps.

What are some good 2-2-1 press videos.I noticed there a lot of them.

Are there any good inbound play videos that are worth recommending.

Also out of these shooting drill videos are there any that you recommend that stand out among the rest?

[b:eaf7f2c861]SHOOTING VIDEOS[/b:eaf7f2c861]
Chair Drills: Shooting Workout for Perimeter Players - Kevin Eastman
Difficult Shooting Drills - Kevin Eastman
Intense Shooting Drills - Kevin Eastman
Multiple Player Chair Drills - Kevin Eastman
Chair Drills: Shooting Workout for Inside Players - Kevin Eastman
Shooting Drills for Success - Jeff Schneider
Ricardo Patton: 25 Chair & Conditioning Drills
Steve Alford's Competitive Shooting Drills - Steve Alford
Shooting Fundamentals and Drills with Fred Hoiberg
2-2-1 Press & inbound plays
July 29, 2005 09:55AM

I recommend the following videos:

[b:d2b4247e7f]Jim Calhoun: The 2-2-1 Press[/b:d2b4247e7f]
[b:d2b4247e7f]Kelvin Sampson: The 2-2-1 Tempo Press[/b:d2b4247e7f]
Inbound Plays[/b:d2b4247e7f][/u:d2b4247e7f]
[b:d2b4247e7f]Winning Hoops: Over 70 Baseline & Under-the-Basket Inbound Plays[/b:d2b4247e7f]

[b:d2b4247e7f]Steve Alford's Competitive Shooting Drills[/b:d2b4247e7f]
[b:d2b4247e7f]Shooting Mechanics: Shooting to Win![/b:d2b4247e7f]

Gannon Baker will also be coming out with two Shooting DVDs soon. The titles include: Individual & Team Shooting Drills and Shooting Techniques & Drills.

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