Coach Burnett Videos
July 26, 2005 09:38AM
I wanted some info or opinions on Coach Burnett's videos. I want to use a Scramble defense next year (7th/8th grade girls) and was wondering would I need all of her videos on the scramble to truely grasp her concepts philosophy or is it one that just stands heads and shoulders above the rest?

I'm trying to decide between one or a combination if neccesary of the following:

Half-court Pressure Scramble Defense
Winning With the Scramble Defense
The Complete Guide to the Run and Jump Scramble Defense

Also what are any opinions on "The Screening Motion Offense" video also by Cheryl Burnett. Is it any good, thorough, etc..?
Coach Burnett Videos
July 28, 2005 09:07AM

[b:1e75c24860]Cheryl Burnett: The Complete Guide to the Run and Jump Scramble Defense[/b:1e75c24860] is a great video. This video provides excellent information to install the run and jump scramble defense and competitive practice drills to emulate game-like conditions. If implemented correctly, this video will be dominant at the 7th/ 8th grade level as it will take opposing teams out of their comfort zone!

The Screening Motion Offense video was a good video, especially if you want to get your best player open looks to the basket. However, it appears that this video is Sold Out. Other videos that are similar are:

[b:1e75c24860]Larry Gipson: Motion Offense[/b:1e75c24860]
[b:1e75c24860]Bruce Weber: Motion Zone Offense[/b:1e75c24860]


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