New coach
September 23, 2004 03:27PM
Just started coaching basketball for the first time this year and would be interested in some recommendations. I coach 7th and 8th graders and am interested in some basic instructional videos for drills and practice planning for this age group.

thanks much!

New coach
September 24, 2004 12:50PM
I would suggest Jerry Petigue's videos. Our club has been using the bulk of his stuff for the last two years and we are starting to develop some very good junior players.

I would suggest that you don't limit yourself to just these videos but have a look around the net for some websites that can also help you out with some great drills and ideas. Even better is they are free!

These 2 sites are really worth checking out.

My main tips for you are:
1.) Keep everything as simple as possible.

2.) Change your drills often and keep them short as the kids have short attention spans.

3.) Devise some games for them to play after every few drills which will help them to work on the skills that they have just been practicing.

4.) Keep positive with them but do not be afraid to punish them quickly if they step out of line. I operate a 3 step philosophy:

a.) Warn the player(s) who are creating a distraction that there will be consequences if they continue their actions

b.) If they continue then have the whole team run. This creates peer pressure on the player(s) to fall into line rather than creating a battle of wills between yourself and the player involved.

c.) The sin bin. If they still continue then have the player sit at the sideline for a period of time. If it gets to this point then you need to talk to the player and address the problem early before this becomes a regular occurrence.
New coach
October 05, 2004 08:37AM
thanks nate and jaywizz! appreciate the suggestions and strategies.
New coach
September 27, 2004 10:09AM
We carry some excellent basketball videos. For the 7th & 8th grade levels, I would suggest our videos by [b:03d816539f]Stan Jones[/b:03d816539f] and [b:03d816539f]Morgan Wootten[/b:03d816539f] . Each coach has produced a five (5) video set that includes information on building a solid foundation. Each set includes information on offense, defense, drills, and practice organization. Click on the names above to view exactly what is included in each set.

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