1/2 court trap
July 09, 2005 02:11AM
Hi coaches, hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

i just purchased the "nutshell defense" tapes. it's a great buy at 19.99

what i'm looking for now is a tape/cd covering 1/2 court trapping.
i have billy tubbs 1-3-1 tape so i'm looking for something other than the 1-3-1

any thoughts?

tongue sticking out smiley [/b]
1/2 court trap
July 09, 2005 06:53AM
Lisa Stockton's 1-2-2 is a great buy at 19.95. Simple and easy to teach. The video includes drills and game footage.
1/2 court trap
July 13, 2005 09:47AM

Yes, please take a look at the Lisa Stockton video. It's a great video especially at $19.95.

I would also recommend [b:1ab65569fc]Total Man-to-Man : Defending the Ball Screen, Pick-and-Roll, Half-Court Trapping. [/b:1ab65569fc] Coach Davis shares multiple tips and techniques that will improve your defense!

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