Secondary Break
July 20, 2005 10:18PM
I currently own Roy Williams: Offensive Philosophy Tape...
Is his newest release "The Secrets of the North Carolina Secondary Break by Roy Williams" very similiar... I really liked his first video and wouldn't want to waste my money if it provides practically the same information... thanks, coach w
Secondary Break
July 21, 2005 08:38AM
Coach W,

Coach Williams' new tape: [b:f4e68f7dc0]The Secrets of the North Carolina Secondary Break[/b:f4e68f7dc0] is wonderful. Coach Williams provides everything you need to know about the Carolina Secondary Break with an On-The-Court demonstration with players. This demonstartion allows to you view the spacing necessary to run an effective break, as well as the opportunity to see the break/ plays run correctly.

While the [b:f4e68f7dc0]Offensive Philosophy[/b:f4e68f7dc0] video contains some of the same information, the on-court presentation is great. It offers more information and the ability to see players on-court creates a unique DVD!

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