6 skills all stars master
October 12, 2007 12:47PM
Have you ever noticed that some ballers seem to shine compared
to other ballers?

There are some special, dominate Hoopers that just seem to separate
themselves from the rest of the Pack.

Are You one of them? Do fans come to watch YOU Play? Or do they
come to see one of your teammates?

I just received an email from one of my special ballers that
bought by Go Basketball PRO System and he had a very basic Question?

Rali, what are the most Essential Skills All Star Ballers Master?

And here is the answer...

Skill # 1

All star ballers are different then most, Some are small, big,
fast, slow, but when I say different, I mean they have mastered
what the rest of the ballers haven't.

This is one of the most crucial steps you MUST take in order to
dominate the court.

Goal Setting.

I know it sounds basic, but believe me, its more effective then
you think.

Think about it for one second, how are you going to achieve
something you don't have a goal for?

When you set your goal, you have a Reason for playing, a reason
for practicing, a reason for being.

You have to know exactly what you want to accomplish, NO if
ands, or buts.

Skill # 2
Defining a niche!

This is by far the most over looked aspect in basketball.

A niche is what you do best, it is the one thing that you do great,
the thing that separates you form the baller next to you.

The One thing you can provide the team, and what the coach can
count on you for.

Without a Niche, you have no identity on the court.

If you look at all the Kings in the NBA, you will easily discover
their Niche.

Steve Nash- passing
Ben Wallace- Rebounding
Dwane Wade- attacking the basket
Mike Miller- Shooting
Kobe - Scoring

And the list goes on....

Find a Niche and spend as much time Working and Improving It as
MUCH as possible.

Skill # 3

Staying as low as possible.

Basketball is a sport that should always be played from low to
high, not high to Low.

The Lower you are, the faster, stronger, more balanced you will be.

When you drive past someone on offense, you want to focus on getting
your shoulder to where the defenders hips are.

That's how low you should be on all you drives.

There are certain things that separate the Wannabee Ballers
form the All-Star Studs that get all the fame and Publicity.

And make no mistake about it, theses are the keys to unlocking
your true potential.

Here are the other Crucial 3 keys All-Star Ballers Master

Skill # 4
Practicing Less But accomplishing more!

Yes, All-Star ballers leverage their time effectively and get
more accomplished in less amount of time.

How do you do that?


You incorporate Basketball Circuits into your workouts.

Most unsuccessful ballers do the traditional work on 1 or
2 things each practice, like spending 45 minutes to a hour
working on their jump shot. And then spending the last 15
minutes on defense or conditioning.

It would be far more effective if you had a circuit of
exercise ranging anywhere from 4 to 8 different exercises
in each circuit.

These exercise would be called stations and you would spend a
certain amount of time at each station and then rotate to the
next station.

From what I have found, 30 seconds is plenty of time to
spend at each station, and then you would allow your self
15 to 30 seconds of rest in between each station before
moving on to the next station.

Just pick your top 6 drills that you love to do and
incorporate them into a circuit and watch as time flys by
and you get so much more done.

Skill # 5

Mastering the Art of marketing and exposure.

There is nothing lucky about it. The Reason why that baller
is on T.V. and your not is because he knows how to market
himself correctly to get as much exposure as he needs.

Look, it's very simple:

The best basketball player in the world is nothing unless
people, and I mean the right people know of him.

How many ballers do you think are out there that have the
talent to play in the NBA, but aren't there?

I know of at least 50 of them.

Learn how to market yourself to teams, coaches, schools
and organizations as soon and as early as possible and watch
how fast an avalanche of Scholarships and Contacts will fill
your mailbox.

Skill # 6
Doing what's Uncomfortable.

Yep, That's right, doing the uncomfortable.

All-Stars ballers have formed the habit of doing things they do
not like to do.

Let me explain.

Everyone's Natural inclination, including All-Stars, is to be
lazy and only do things that are comfortable.

Hers is an example.

I do not know about you, but when I played, I use to hate
doing things that would improve my defense. Like Defensive
slides, holding my defensive stance and other drills that
would make my legs feel like logs.

But just because I didn't want to do them doesn't mean I
would not do it.

I try to form the habit of doing all the things I didn't
want to do, but if I did, it would make me a better person,
and a better baller.

Everyday think of the one things that you do not want to do,
but if you did, it would make your life better, on and off
the court.

Master these 6 skills and I guarantee you your competition
will be sorry.

Your # 1 Fan
Rali Todd

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