2-3 Defensive Attack
October 08, 2007 08:14PM
Looking for an offensive set to attack a 2-3 zone.
Re: 2-3 Defensive Attack
July 09, 2008 01:19PM
I just got back from a team camp and found a simple attack against a 2-3 zone. We have always struggled, with one simple change we were quite successful.

We start in a 1-3-1 set. We keep the high post in the high post for the full possession, and we try hard to get the ball to him from the wing position. Once the ball hits the high post the low post has two options; flash to front of rim or drop to short corner. If low post flashes we work hard at getting ball in - then high post goes to opposite block. Low Post either puts the ball up or hit high post dropping.

If low post goes to short corner, high post kicks back to wing, wing hits low post in short corner and high post cuts to front of rim looking for pass from low post in short corner.

We are not a tall team and this created great scoring opportunities. We put this in place and were effective in minutes. I plan on tweaking a little for the season, but not too much at this time. I want to Keep It Simple Stupid KISS for my football players that do not have the basketball sense for anything too complicated.

Jason Claytor
Re: 2-3 Defensive Attack
July 15, 2008 02:53PM
I am a junior high coach, and all the way through our entier program, hs/jv and junior high, we run something very similar to what brey said before me.

We actually start in a 1-4 high set, just to give a different look. However, when the ball goes to the wing, one of the players at the elbows is designated as the low post player and he goes to ball side short corner. The other player on the elbow goes to ball side high post.

Whenever the ball goes to the man in the short corner, a couple of things happen. 1, the wing drops into the ball side corner. 2, the high post man roles down the lane. 3, the opposite wing drops to the baseline on the back side, for a pass along the baseline. 4, the player at the point then floats to the opposite wing. You want this player to be a good three point shooter because he will get alot of good looks.

We have found that the short corner is the weakest spot against a 2-3 zone.

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