New Releases for December!
December 05, 2006 03:00PM
The following DVDs will appear in the [b:9c8ac2341d]December[/b:9c8ac2341d] catalog. There are 17 [i:9c8ac2341d][b:9c8ac2341d]New Releases[/b:9c8ac2341d][/i:9c8ac2341d] in this catalog (the links will work once the item is in inventory)!

[b:9c8ac2341d]Avery Johnson: Attacking Man-to-Man Defenses, Part I & II[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Gregg Popovich: My Favorite Drills and the Motion Offense[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Flip Saunders: Match-Up Zone Defenses and Special Drills, Part I & II[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Lawrence Frank: Early Offense and Zone Offense[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Mike Fratello: Man-to-Man Defensive Philosophy with Drills and Utilizing the 3-Point Shot[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Hubie Brown: Special Situations, Part I & II [/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Jeff Van Gundy: Executing and Defending the Pick & Roll, Part I & II[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Kevin Eastman: Skill Development for Inside and Perimeter Players[/b:9c8ac2341d]

[b:9c8ac2341d]Five-Star Basketball: Fastbreak Basketball - 10 Seconds of Freedom[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Five-Star Basketball: 15 Drills for Rebounding[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Five-Star Basketball: Building Team Man-toMan Defense[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Five-Star Basketball: 36 Exercises for Quicker, Stronger & Better Conditioned Basketball Players[/b:9c8ac2341d]

[b:9c8ac2341d]Bobby Lutz: 4-Out 1-In Offense Sets & Plays[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Wayne Morgan: The Philosophy of Changing Defenses and the 2-3 Zone[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Doug Bruno: 10 Principles for Transition Basketball [/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Jeff Young: 25 Explosive Concentration & Conditioning Basketball Drills[/b:9c8ac2341d]
[b:9c8ac2341d]Jim Whitesell: Mixing Up Your Set Offense[/b:9c8ac2341d]

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