Setting Video
May 05, 2008 01:42PM
My Daughter is in her Second season of setting and will be entering her Varsity years. She plays school and club ball and has had some good training, but she would like to have some video really breaking down the position for setting. She wants to study foot, hand, and body positions, as well as the mind of a setter. We would also like the best drills video to get idea's to work on all Summer.

I can afford a couple of video's right away and would like suggestion on the best couple to buy. I realize it is subjective, but also assume some of you have been in the same situation and have learned from mistakes.
Re: Setting Video
May 06, 2008 08:22AM
I would say that "Becoming a Champion Setter" would be perfect for your daughter:

Becoming a Champion Setter Link

Also, "'Gettin' Better' - 40 Tips for Better Setting & Defending":

Gettin' Better - 40 Tips for Better Setting & Defending Link

Coach D
Re: Setting Video
May 07, 2008 09:47AM
Thank you Coach D!!

Becoming a Champion gives you plenty of drills to use during the off-season?

Coach B
Re: Setting Video
May 09, 2008 08:28AM

The Becoming a Champion helped our kids a lot with the basics...and if she already understands the fundamentals, the Gettin' Better series provides some details that may be more beneficial...

Coach B

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