Sprinting-The Driving Phase
July 04, 2004 03:20PM
What is the drive phase for a sprinter?

The drive phase is from the time where the sprinter comes out of the starting blocks to 20 meters down the track. During this phase the spinter is keeping their head and upper body down. After 20 meters the sprinter will gradually come to a upright running postion.
Sprinting-The Driving Phase
April 06, 2005 07:51PM
:shock: moody smiley: Any advice for a new coach? I was a sprinter in my days of school. I am now the mother of a 13 year of daughter running track. I want to help her with her starts. She has had about 10 minutes practice with the blocks. I have been asked to help coach the girls track team and want to have a special area of my own. I was always first out of the blocks, but doing and teaching are two differant things.


Sprinting-The Driving Phase
April 08, 2005 09:45AM
I'm glad you are willing to work on starts with your daughter. This is a very important aspect of sprinting. We have a couple of videos that discuss sprints and starts:
[b:4db1950d57]Becoming a Champion Sprinter[/b:4db1950d57]
[b:4db1950d57]Errors & Corrections[/b:4db1950d57]
While these videos discuss starts, they also include information on sprints, strides, relays, etc. Currently, we don't have a video specifically for starts. Our Becoming a Champion Series is targeted toward the youth; this would be an excellent video if you're wanting to share the video with the athletes. We will be releasing a series in a couple of months that feature the LSU coaching staff. These videos provide excellent information, and starts are discussed thoroughly. I recommend viewing the Becoming a Champion video, and look for the new series this summer!


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