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Teaching Hurdling
January 20, 2010 06:28PM
First timer coaching hurdles - any tips on what to include in the learning progression (high school level)? Sprint and 400 m hurdling events?

Re: Teaching Hurdling
January 25, 2010 01:23PM
Hello Coach,

I would recommed looking at the following three DVDs:
Coaching High School Track & Field: Hurdles
100M &110M Hurdles Drills: The Best of British Track & Field
300M and 400M Hurdles Drills: The Best of British Track & Field

Stress the importance of technique and incorporate drills. It doesn't matter how fast you are - it really comes down to technique and form over the hurdles and maintaining your 3 step rhythm between the hurdles. If you have athletes that are 4 stepping, it would be ideal to change them to a 3 step and there is a progression for doing so (see DVD). If they can 3 step, they will have the same lead leg over the hurdles...if they 4 step, they will have to learn how to lead with both legs which is more difficult to do. If you can convert them to a 3 step approach, they will start seeing faster times.

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