initiation ideas
June 29, 2006 06:22AM
I am writing as a marching band parent. My son will be a senior this coming year. The seniors would like to do some sort of initiation for the freshman coming in and we are having a difficult time thinking of something that would be fun, different and most importantly not humiliating or any form of hazing. Can you help. Please, I am desperate.
initiation ideas
August 31, 2006 12:02AM
I am currently a senor in high school, and I do Cross Country and Track. For the past two years, we have been doing underclassmen initiations as a way to welcome new people to the team. Some of the things we have done are:
[list:c126139fe5]Midnight run - early in the morning take the group of underclassmen out for a run with two of the initiating seniors. Have some other seniors drive to the end of the run and wait with water balloons, water guns, shaving cream or anything else to throw at then as they run by. If you plan it right, they won't know what hit them.

Kidnapping - one of the best things to do is to kidnap all the underclassmen early in the morning to start off. You need to work it out with the parents, but ideally they let you in and you sneak up to the underclassmenÂ’s room and drag them out of bed. Give them a few minuets to get ready and take off to the next house.

Shaving cream fight - give each underclassman a can of shaving cream (you can get really cheap stuff, it still works) and have them go at it. When all the cream is gone, the one who is the least covered gets to take a hot shower, while the rest get hosed off with cold water.

Forrest Maze - if you live next to a park or forest with lots of trails through it, blindfold each underclassmen and drive them too it, then take off their blindfolds in the center. Give each group of two or three a flashlight, and give three fast seniors a glow stick to put on their back. The idea is that there is one exit back to the cars, and in order to get there, the freshmen have to catch one of the three seniors with a glow stick who will be running through the forest. Since they don't know where they are, they need to find one of the seniors in order to get out.

Funky cloths - one of the best things to do is find a bunch of weird cloths to make them wear to school the next day. When we did it, we found a yard sale where anything you could fit in a grocery bag was $1. They had some really funky kilts, hats, pants, skirts and other cloths. we ended up getting enough for 10 underclassmen with only $3.

Breakfast - generally after all is done, we have some sort of breakfast for them at someone's house. Just something simple like doughnuts, fruit, orange juice, toast exc... After all is done, if you are resourceful, with a group of 5 seniors and 10-12 underclassmen, each senor only ends up paying around $7 - $10. Not bad for the whole night.

I have now gone through three sets of underclassmen (two cross country seasons and one track season) and I have never gotten any bad fallout from angry parents/coaches/teachers with these ideas.
Re: initiation ideas
July 14, 2008 10:55AM
I am going into my Junior year in the marching band, and I have been through two initiations. For us, when ever you join a new section you get a new initiations. For drumline, it was kinda gross, and i got into a fight. My second year, I was in the front ensemble, so i had to get a new initiation. My opinion for having these initiations for the new kids, comes from earlier this year. I was captain of my section and I didn't put everyone through initiations. Since they didn't have to do it, they thought that they could do anything. One kid decided to fight me, another, thratened me and insulted my control in that part of the band. It's a ritual through the band, that helps us learn our place. With it, it introduces trust thoughout the band, respect for your peers, and respect for other bands.

I know of a kid who never had one, and insulted not only another band, but ours as well, because of the way he insulted that band. He yelled at them, saying that we were batter than them and they didn't have a chance. He had no respect for his peers, and now is hated by the entire band.

These initiations teach us humility. That helps us with our actions. See it however you wish, but this is the way I've always seen it, and that's why it continues at our school.
Tori Hamill
Re: initiation ideas
July 24, 2008 07:14PM
Something my band has done is pair off - one senior and one freshmen - and challenge them to a milkshake drinking competition for the rest of the band to watch. Several pairs can compete at once to see who can eat faster, the senior or the 'fish'...
...the catch?
The senior is given a regular vanilla milkshake, and the freshmen is given an identical in appearance milkshake, however one gulp later does the poor freshmen realize to their shock and embarrassment that they are, in fact, drinking a mayonnaise milkshake!
Guaranteed laughs!
This can also be modified slightly with other foods, for instance - carmeled apples for the seniors and an identical looking carmeled onion!
Well anyway, good luck and I hope this helped you find what youre looking for!

-Tori Hamill
Hallsville Bobcat Band
Hallsville, TX
Re: initiation ideas
September 12, 2008 07:52AM
pass the apple, suck and blow, make em sing im a little teapot
Re: initiation ideas
January 22, 2009 12:49PM
hi i had a womens soccer initiation and they did the usual stuff of drinking games, this included freshers competing in a boat race against the seniors, then freshers got split up into teams which then had to eat a toothpaste coated weetabix, down a strong homemade punch, spin 5 times, down another up sum stairs...situps, press ups star jumps, run back n then down another cup, was good.

the teams then went to another part of the campus n found a swimming pool which contained diff items of fruit n then whatever fruit u picked (could only use ur mouth. so as running back to ur group got coated in flour) u were in that new group for the food eating contest which consisted of a nasty mixture of food for each group....

...was brilliant, and the best part was the fancy dress

seniors=old age pensioners
Re: initiation ideas
April 07, 2009 05:36PM
When I was a freshman the seniors, painted our noses black, and then put black spots all over us, put a bell around our neck, and then "branded" us on the arm (they used a permanent marker) with their initials. Then that Friday they tied twine to our wrists and we paraded around the cafeteria like cows mooing. Every time our director said the phrase one more time we had to moo at him. It was really fun. Last year the freshman were painted white and then put on bowler hats (they were mimes) they had to mime everything, they then painted a box that said something like mime's talk here and they had to go sit in it whenever they wanted to talk. Then during Friday we had a "Date my Mime" show and they mimed there way out into the center of the cafeteria.
Re: initiation ideas
June 11, 2009 09:10AM
i am going into my sophomore year. i am a cheerleader. as a freshman cheerleader i realized the upperclassman like to do this thing called initiation... its crazy but fun. they like to do it to welcome newcomers to high school cheerleading.
when i was a freshhh they had us sit on balloons full on shaving cream and we had to pop them while sitting on them. after that,we went to a GIANT bowl of jello and whipped cream, there were 6 objects in the jello, we had to get them out with our mouths... it was gross. the jello was up your nose, all over the place. its insane. but its a blast.
i love initiation smiling smileysmiling smiley
Re: initiation ideas
June 11, 2009 02:00PM
Re: initiation ideas
June 12, 2009 01:55PM
i am currently a sophmore and i am on my high school soccer team and when i was a freshman i had to go through the senior and junior initiation the senior initiation was for everyone on the team they made us put a soccer ball between our legs and weave through the cones but the soccerball was drenched in baby oil then we had to head paper plates that had peanut butter all over them then we had to go slide on this huge peace of plastic and it had shaving cream baby oil and a bunch of other stuff on it then we had to pop 4 water balloons on our heads that had glitter water in them while we were doing this one of the seniors threw flour on our head then we had to run to this baby pool that was filled with a bunch of gross smelling stuff i think it was like chilli and spinach watever it was it was so gross then when that was done only the freshman had to put pampers on and put baby underwear on our heads then they taped us to the tree in the front yard where they put all kinds of gross food they found at the dollar store some people actually threw up it was so nasty and omg everyone had fun though and im surching for new ideas to initiate the new freshman muhahahahaah.
iniations fun
Re: initiation ideas
September 17, 2009 05:29PM
hey i am sophmore im the marching band swim team dive team and softball. the only initiation i had to do was for softball. what we had to do was where our intire uniform to school. wore our hair in princess layla buns. write our full names across our forheads and where war paint. then if a sr saw us in the hall way they would blow a wistle really loudly and we would have to bow down 5 times before we could go on to class. it was really fun the whole school got in on it. people where scoping us out . it was a really fun day and i wish we would have done it for marching band and swimming.
danie :)
Re: initiation ideas
September 29, 2009 10:47PM
when i initiated people we took them to a truck stop and did their hair. after that we gave them a roll of toilet paper and told them to sell them for 25 cents a square to get breakfast. after that we made them do push up over plates full of whip cream with skittles in it to get all the skittles out what they didn't know was that we put i spoon full of baby food in the middle of it. after that we made them spin around for a minute and a half and run down a hill touch a fence and run back up. we put a bunch of stuff and a slide and made them push an egg up it then slide down it to clean it up. then we did their hair and make up and sent them off to school.
Beast!!! <3
Re: initiation ideas
December 13, 2009 05:55PM
I'm a junior at WHS and i helped with the initiation last year for my swim team. What the freshmen had to do was eat a whole piece of pizza blindfolded while there was mustard, mayo, pickles, marshmellows, and a whole bunch of other stuff on it. They had to race to eat it. The first person done had to grab there first clue and run outside in the snow in the bra and underwear to one of the other seniors houses and grab the next clue, and they had to pull their other team mates on sleds while repeating this. Then they had to go back to the first house and whoever got there first won. It was kind of like the amazing race but it was HILARIOUS!!!
Re: initiation ideas
December 16, 2009 12:29PM
in mine we had our bellies slaped till they bled. it hurt like hell
Emily Smith
Re: initiation ideas
March 29, 2010 06:08PM
Im a junior in high school and I am in marching band. We do initiations every year for upcoming freshman. My freshman year we had to do a "talent show". We did different things, sing britney spears, im a little tea pot, act like a vegatable, or do an impression of a celeb. Then they gave us super tiny water guns and the seniors had super soakers then we had a water gun war. They made us line up against a wall and they poured ice chests full of ice and water on us while making us do push ups and jumping jacks while singing,"we love the seniors yes we do, we love the seniors how bout u." it was loads of fun but my shoes were wet in the morning haha. guess i should've brought an extra pair
Re: initiation ideas
May 10, 2010 07:01PM
im going to 9th grade and i just made the cheer team i dont know what my innitiation will be but its suppossed to b crazy!! ill get bck to ya wen it happens
Cheyenne Threlkeld
Re: initiation ideas
June 23, 2010 07:54PM
okay so at my church we did a few initiantions for a class called passion, praise, and purity. We had a sleepover one night where we were officially part of the ppp class. We did many things like eat at least three bites out of this discusting mixture of food like sardines, mayonase, tardar sauce, pnut butter...etc. We also had to sit in a bucket of water and ice for two minutes which feels like 10 minutes, went into a dark room that were filled with guys dressed up like monsters, oh and put alcoseltser (totally spelled wrong) and sprite in our mouth to see who could hold it in our mouth the longest. This was truely a really fun night. I hope I give someone ideas.
Re: initiation ideas
June 27, 2010 10:51PM
last year, i was a freshman... so our seniors made shirts for all of us. in the back it had jokes like:
i go commando.
feed the freshman.
are you lost? ask me for a map.
freshman = stupid.
kick me.

and things like that. in the front of our shirts, we were labled Thing 1, Thing 2 and so on. we were from then on called Things. The also tied up a bunch of cat collars together and made us wear them wherever we went. it was pretty fun. we also had to make up a dance of the Pokemon theme song and dance it infront of many teams.

this year, the seniors got dipers that said "frosh" and made the freshman wear them. they also had socks the had their animal names that they had to wear at every game they had. they got pretty nasty after the second day. the had sippy cups as their waterbottles and they had bibs they had to wear when they ate. The had to dance to the Gummy Bear song.

there you go!
Re: initiation ideas
June 29, 2010 12:29PM
I got beat.
Re: initiation ideas
July 23, 2010 08:09PM
I went through a really cool initiation in college. It was when I joined a service club that was coed. It was all fun with no hazing but kinda scary. They did things like blindfolding us and have us stand on a long, wide wooden board. They told us they were going to raise the board over their heads and we had to walk across the board. We were all shaky and nervous. About half way through, they took the blindfolds off and we saw that the board was still on the floor. Also, we were blindfolded and sat down in a room. They took us one at a time into another room and from outside you could hear the guys and girls getting the crap paddled out of them. When it was your turn, they took you in the room and told you to yell really loud when you heard the noise. They were just paddling a padded bar stool! They made us put on a rubber apron and rubber gloves, blindfolded us, and made us clean a toilet with our gloved hands....they had put a few Baby Ruth bars in there. Scared us bad until they took the blindfolds off! They taped our mouths shut with duct tape and made us try to sing songs! Having the tape pulled off hurt just a little, but that's as close as they came to hurting us. They did lots of other stuff like that. We were so scared but it ended up so funny. It was a very good experience...they welcomed us in a VERY memorable way without hurting us, humiliating us, and made us feel like part of them. Was VERY positive.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....don't hurt anyone, humiliate anyone, or let anyone do it to you. If they really care about you and want you to be a part of them, they won't do stuff like that.
Don't want to be a buzzkill, but I'm a bit older now and want young folks to be safe and have fun!


Re: initiation ideas
August 16, 2010 01:54PM
Anonymous Wrote:
I'm a freshman on JV the cheerleading squad& tonights our team sleepover 'initiation' the sophmores only told us that last year they didnt like it. sooo whats some things varsity&sophmores of JV do to the freshman!?
alias: mountain goat
Re: initiation ideas
August 17, 2010 12:41PM
Goat i am agent smith from the CIA aka agent mountain goat and i am very very concerned about what you were subjected to. I need to know more about your situation so I can hopefully help you. Hazing Please contact me my number is 3363241274. Also, if you are interested in a sexual relationship im up for it! Call me anytime sooner rather than later
Re: initiation ideas
August 22, 2010 06:33PM
I'm in a high school soroity, that does charity work for the community. We always have a Rush week for the sophmores. When I was a sophmore I had to stand in the middle of the lunch room and sing I'm a little tea pot as loud as I could. I had to write love letters to Senior guys I didn't know. One day they mademe take the whole lunch tables trays. Every day at lunch I had to sit with a group of seniors I didn't know, and either had to talk to them or sit and not talk. One of the days I couldnt wear any make up, and had to gel my hair back like a guy from Grease. The other days my big sis made me shirts that said "my big sis is beautiful and the best!" things like that. I had to wear the ugliest shades of lipstick ever! Then friday at a football game they dress us up and paint our faces & stuff like that & we had to go to the game & do everything they told us. Stand in front of the bleachers and do the YMCA, do the dead bug on the ground, stuff like that. I had to collect 20 guys underwear tags from the oposing team's crowd haha. Then that night at the sleep over, I had to wrestle other sophmores in a kiddie pool full of water & flower & chocolate, stuff like that. My big sister also made me race another sohpmore down a slip & slide covered in nasty stuff with a fish in my bra lol Another thing I had to do was sit in a circle with other rushees holding a black ballon filled with gross stuff over our heads, and senior would walk around us with a pin & pop two, we had to chase each other covered in stuff liek duck duck goose. There were all kinds of stuff I had to do throughout the week, that just made me step outside my comfort zone (like talking to people I didnt know, being loud, dressing silly) but it was all in good fun, and we all had a blast! Hope this helps
Re: initiation ideas
August 28, 2010 09:25PM
Im a freshman guy (the guy parts important for this 1) and in band, the other day seniors made change into a pink bikini in a kiddie pool full of fish and then i had to jump into a not kiddie pull full of pudding, PUDDING and i had to find the 3 golden gummy bears of the rings with a live fish in the bikini! after that i also raced a freshman down a slide with the same fish in my bikini
Re: initiation ideas
October 05, 2010 11:48AM
I went to a Catholic all girls high school in a major city. Each semester we picked a five incomming freshman to join our sorority. At school we had to wear uniforms, no makeup, flat shoes. Initiations were done over weekends starting with after school Friday. My mom owned a salon. Upstairs was a large apartment. The pledges were told to go to the salon after school. Mom, who was really into all this would close the salon early Friday. The girls were subjected to a full body waxing by the staff and had their nails lengthened acryliclly and done a glistening bright red or orange or purple. Their hair was set and sprayed with max setting solution. They had their brows shaped. If the brows were to low or straight across they were shaved off. Through all this process they were secretly video taped. The next hour the initiates, tilted back in the salon chairs, had their makeup done, heavily, very porn-like. Thick makeup base, heavy eye makeup and false lashes, prominent blush, brows pencilled in high arches, and lipstick to match their nails applied over their natural liplines, giving them all pouty kiss-me mouths, creamy lipstick heavily applied, then glossed to perfection. They didn't look fourteen-years-old anymore. They looked more like eighteen-year-old porn actresses. Led upstairs they were then dressed like sluts, street whores in stiletto heels. Then we loaded them in a van and drove to the seedy part of town; strip bars, porn shops, tattoo parlors. In their tiny purses they had been given a dollar in change and told they had to get back by midnight without the help of friends, relatives, or parents. If they succeeded they were in for a night of complete debasement.
marching band kid
Re: initiation ideas
October 15, 2010 02:17AM
I got my ass kicked by the seniors for a full minute.
Re: initiation ideas
October 28, 2010 05:12AM
Hazing. These ideas all demeaning people. Joining your group should positive event. A huge lawsuit was recently settled for the hazing of people joining a band fraternity.
Krazy K
Re: initiation ideas
January 21, 2011 07:51PM
I'm joining band in my junior year of high school...with no previous band instruction...i'm scared that my initiation will be too much for me to handle...i will be in the flute section...
Re: initiation ideas
March 13, 2011 08:04PM
Heyy my softball team is going to Sulphur for a tounry tht we go to every year.. Well last year I was a freshmen and had to move bfore softball season started. Soo now tht I'm back and now am a sophomore at the school tht I had move from are planning on doing freshmen initiatioton on me plus the freshmen. I dnt have a clue on wht to pranks tht I could pull on them to pay them back .. Can you help me out please??
Re: initiation ideas
March 22, 2011 11:11AM
Okay I am in social grace club called cotillion and I need some initiation ideas that aren't so messy because we do initiation in a church! Please nothing mean,expensive,or personally embarrassing just something cute.and funny for all.the other members to laugh at! my little sister is a freshman in high school!I need.some clean indoor initiation ideas for only a few minutes long!

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