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with Tricia Saunders,
US Olympic Women's Freestyle Assistant Wrestling Coach;
4X World Champion and 11X National Champion

Tricia Saunders uses her wealth of international experience to teach you a number of low-risk, solid techniques that will make your wrestlers explosive from their feet. Saunders begins with an underhook series. After explaining the underhook, she demonstrates eight different takedowns you can hit from this position including the High Crotch, Double Leg, Throw By, Knee Pick and Dump. To give your wrestlers a different look, Saunders goes over a move that can be executed without tying up - the Snatch Single. She closes the video demonstrating Finishes and Throws - six different finishes your wrestlers can use if their opponent stops the high crotch attack and three throws that can provide big points for your wrestlers. Each technique is clearly explained and demonstrated from different angles and in slow-motion as well as match speed. These moves are great for both freestyle and folkstyle wrestling and are appropriate for wrestlers at any level.

71 minutes. 2004.

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