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Features & Benefits
  • Improve your Wrestling coaching!
  • See an actual Dan Gable workout
  • Over 20 drills that work technique and conditioning
  • Master the seven basic skills that all wrestlers need to know and execute to maximize their potential and be successful
  • Learn to use specific lifts to simulate wrestling situations
Predicament Wrestling ScorebookPredicament Wrestling Scorebook
by Phil Henning

The Predicament Wrestling Scorebook contains 48 team scoring pages in the front and 48 wrestler statistics pages in the back half where 24 wrestlers get their own 2 pages on which you can chronologically record all their stats in up to 64 matches! The features of this scoring book are the best untearable red poly covers (front and back), 14" x 10" size, spiral bound along the top edge, team tournament summary forms, team dual meet summary forms, wrestlers' season statistics summary forms, updated each year to allow for rule changes! Dan Gable, Iowa's legendary wrestling coach used the Predicament Wrestling Scorebook during his last 15 years of coaching! (So did over 2400 other schools last year!)

Combative GamesCombative Games
with Mark Cody, former University of Oklahoma Head Coach;
2011 NWCA National Coach of the Year;
former American University Head Coach;
former Oklahoma State University Assistant Coach, 3X All-American

Looking for a way to erase those practice room blahs? Mark Cody, with 17 years of coaching experience, has compiled a tape filled with more than 15 combative wrestling games to liven up your practice, while still achieving a quality workout. Games featured include tug-of-war, jumping jack, bump on the back, shark bait, kings-queens-jacks, and many, many more. These games are designed to help improve your wrestler's speed, quickness, balance, strength, conditioning, recovery, action/reaction, and practice how to attack from different positions. The games can be done with two wrestlers or 100, as teams or individually. This video will make it fun for your wrestlers to come to practice!

33 minutes. 2001.

Dan Gable: Coaching Mental Toughness on the MatDan Gable: Coaching Mental Toughness on the Mat
with Dan Gable, wrestling legend;
Distinguished member of the FILA International Wrestling Hall of Fame (2012); won 15 NCAA Championships and 21 straight Big Ten Titles as the University of Iowa head coach; as a wrestler, went undefeated in high school (IA) and won 2 NCAA titles at Iowa State University. Gable won the Olympic Gold Medal in '72 (without giving up a point during the tournament), and went on to coach the Freestyle Olympic teams in '80, '84, and 2000; 1971 World Champion (one of 10 men to win an Olympic Gold, World Championship and NCAA Championship)

Strong mental toughness leads to good wrestling technique, tactics, strength, conditioning, flexibility, recovery, and nutrition. In this lecture, legendary coach Dan Gable presents the importance of mental toughness with on the mat demonstrations and through motivational messages. Coach Gable takes you through a practice session detailing at least five drills in the following areas: Warm-up, standing offense and defense, bottom position, top position, and recovery/conditioning. The drills presented will give your athletes an attitude that "I can take anyone down at anytime ... they can't take me down ... no one can ride or turn me ... I can control anyone." In short, complete mental toughness! Gable credits all of his success on the mat - both as an athlete and as a coach - to strong mental toughness. With this video, your athletes will gain the mental toughness needed to be successful on the mat and in life.

73 minutes. 2004.

Coaching High School Wrestling: Practice PlanningCoaching High School Wrestling: Practice Planning
with Scot Davis,
Eden Prairie (MN) Head Coach; Back-to-Back-to-Back Lakes Conference Champions (2014-16);
2x National High School Coach of the Year ('07 and '98),
Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame;
holds the national record for dual meet wins with over 1,000 victories;
former Owatonna (MN) Head Coach; 2x Minnesota High School Coach of the Year; 2x Minnesota AAA State champions, 2009 Dream Team Classic Head Coach

Looking for a way to "spice up" your wrestling practices? Scot Davis has some answers for you. Coach Davis presents over 20 wrestling drills and games for you to incorporate into your practice that will develop wrestling technique and work on conditioning. These drills fall into five categories: Stance/Motion, On the Mat, Getting Off Your Back, Conditioning and Games. Davis takes two of his wrestlers through each drill pointing out how to run each while describing the benefits of it. In addition, Davis takes you through his practice planning philosophy starting with a week-by-week look at organizing the team from the beginning of the school year up to when the season starts. He also includes a look at his in-season practice routine giving you a template to use. These time-tested drills, games and philosophies have turned out wrestling champions and will work for you.

54 minutes. 2008.

Home Training Center Skills & Drills, Volume 1Home Training Center Skills & Drills, Volume 1
featuring Ken Chertow, US Olympian;
3x NCAA All American and 3x Academic All-American at Penn State,
2x Junior World Champion, Midlands Champion and Outstanding Wrestler.
Coach Chertow coached at both Ohio State and Penn State where his teams won the National Duals and finished in the top 5 at NCAA Championships 75% of the time.You can learn from Coach Chertow personally at his year round and summer Gold Medal Training Camp.

Olympian Ken Chertow has developed his Gold Medal Training Camp System into one of the biggest and best in the nation. Filmed in Coach Chertow's Home Training Center during a camp session, you will see the kind of drilling he has used to develop over 200 USAW, NHSCA, & AAU National Champions and over 500 High School State Champions!

In the first part of his drill series, Coach Chertow covers a variety of drills from neutral, top, and bottom positions, including:

  • The 7 Basic Skills - Virtually all moves in wrestling are based on some combination of the 7 basic skills. Stance, motion, changing levels, penetration, lifting, back-arching, and back-stepping are combined into shadow drills in order to strengthen wrestling fundamentals.
  • Bottom Position Drills - Practice switches, sit outs and rolls with a partner in quick bursts to develop speed and constant motion in order to improve your position and score.
  • Top Position Drills - Learn to develop constant top pressure on the bottom man and to follow his hips as he attempts reversals in order to keep control of the match.
  • Hip Heist Drills - Develop the hip heist in order to improve on moves requiring strong hip motion like twisters, sit outs, switches, and freestyle turns.
These drills teach basic concepts that all wrestlers need. The drills can be incorporated into wrestling plans for wrestlers of any age and skill level, while even the most experienced coach can gain from the skill sequences taught in this video. Most importantly, the drills presented in this video are meant to give your wrestler the mental edge in competition, so that they will--in Coach Chertow's own words--"Rise to the Occasion!"

47 minutes. 2012.

Weight Room to Wrestling RoomWeight Room to Wrestling Room
with Dave Malecek, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Head Coach;
5x conference coach of the year; 5 straight WIAC conference championships (2007-10); Five top 3 finishes in the DIII National Tournament in six seasons; 2007 NCAA Rookie Coach of the Year; All-American wrestler at UNI.

Add a new twist to the old classics for conditioning.

Conditioning is a critical part of any wrestling program. Having coached his UW-LaCrosse Eagles to top three finishes in each of his first five seasons, Dave Malacek has proven he can transfer work done in the weight room to the wrestling mat.

In this wrestling DVD, Coach Malecek demonstrates many of his favorite exercises that emphasize the specific needs of wrestlers. He shows you how to make simple strength training drills into wrestling specific activities that can be done before, during, or after practice. Each exercise is demonstrated, and then followed up with a wrestling drill/situation for your athletes to better understand the importance of the exercise.

Coach Malecek provides exercises that vary from old classics - such as pushups - to the trending tools of today - like battle ropes and resistance bands. All exercises can be completed in the wrestling room instead of traveling to the weight room. Exercises covered include:

  • Push-Ups and Bench Press - Your wrestler will explode to his feet from the bottom referee's position and recover quicker when under a sprawled opponent.
  • Cleans and Squats - Develop your wrestler's ability to return his opponent to the mat, to perform a stand-up, and to clear an opponent's collar-tie into a pass-by.
  • "Stretchy Ropes" - Use these resistance bands to strengthen your wrestler's snap downs, snapping his opponents' heads down to the mat to score easily.
  • Battle Ropes - Wave your wrestler's arms repeatedly in small or big motions to improve forearm and grip strength, leading to dominant hand fighting skills.
  • Curls - Conditioning the biceps with curls allows your wrestler to win the underhook position.
  • Quick Feet - These agility exercises improve movement from the neutral position, ensuring quick feet during takedown finishes and stand-ups.
When your athletes complete wrestling drills that mimic the actions of their conditioning exercises they will become more invested in their workouts. These exercises, when incorporated into tough practices, will help your team get over that "fear of failure" and enable them to get past the point of exhaustion and to still push hard.

Strength and conditioning is crucial to the development of any wrestler. If you are having a hard time setting up a strength and conditioning program to maximize your wrestlers' potential, this video allows you to get more specific training in a very efficient format.

61 minutes. 2012.

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