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  • Improve foot speed to take better shots and defend shots easier
  • Control your opponents and dictate what happens in your matches
  • Shut your opponent's offense down with the 2-on-1 tie
35 Drills & Skills for Competitive Practice35 Drills & Skills for Competitive Practice
with Duane Goldman, Head Coach; Joe LeBlanc and Nick Simmons

Duane Goldman, Indiana University Head Coach; 4x All-American at the University of Iowa, 1986 NCAA Champion;
4x NCAA finalist; 4x Big Ten Champ; Coach of three NCAA individual champions from Indiana University; An alternate on the US Olympic team in 1988

Joe LeBlanc, Brown University Assistant Coach, former Indiana University Assistant Coach; 4x NCAA All-American at University of Wyoming

Nick Simmons, Indiana University Assistant Coach; 4x NCAA All-American at Michigan St. University;
4x Michigan High School State Champion compiling a career record of 211-0; Placed 5th at the 2011 Freestyle World Championships

Here is your chance to add a wide variety of competitive drills to your practice arsenal - the same drills that will play a key role as you develop a championship team. Duane Goldman and his staff at Indiana University offer a variety of drills, from all positions, to enhance practice, develop skills, and improve the conditioning of your team. Each coach on the Indiana was a four-time All American during his wrestling career.

In this wrestling drills video:

  • Coach Goldman focuses on stance, leg attacks from a solid stance and getting off the bottom.
  • Coach LeBlanc focuses on strength and agility.
  • Coach Simmons focuses on drills that help counter leg attacks.
All have very unique styles, and they share the drills that helped them during their storied careers.

From the Feet
Coach Goldman teaches a fantastic hand-fighting drill that will train your athletes to clear ties and get to their attacks quickly. He emphasizes knee sliding, pressure and getting to your feet on leg attacks. Scrambling is an important part of wrestling that is hard to teach, and Goldman teaches a very simple scrambling drill that he has his wrestlers do for 30-40 second intervals completing a series of switches, stand-ups, and shoulder rolls.

Base and Bridge Drill
Assistant Coach Joe LeBlanc teaches fundamental drills to improve your athletes' flexibility and mat awareness. He emphasizes footwork, moving your feet and creating angles in the neutral position. LeBlanc shows basic drills for maintaining a solid base on the bottom and learning to escape. The Base and Bridge Drill is a drill that can be effective for the experienced middle school wrestler, the high school wrestling and the college wrestler.

Head Blocking
Assistant Coach and USA National Team member Nick Simmons reveals his favorite drills for developing head position and for hand fighting from the tie up. These drills are defensive in nature and often can lead to counter attacks. The head is the first line of defense before your opponent can get to your hips. Coach Simmon's Head Block Drill helps train wrestlers to prevent opponents from getting leg attacks. Often, wrestlers are only taught to block with their hands. Simmons emphasizes in this drill to block with your head first and then your hands. When your opponent changes levels, you change levels and head block. Simmons has excellent hip defense and shows an excellent "hip motion" drill to develop confidence when an opponent does get to your legs.

These competitive practice drills can be used at the grade school, middle school, high school, and college levels of wrestling and will create a new level of energy in your practice room. This video offers effective methods to improve your wrestlers' foot speed and flexibility. This is a must if you want to get to the next level of competition.

51 minutes. 2013.

Scoring from Your Feet: The Over/Under SeriesScoring from Your Feet: The Over/Under Series
with Duane Goldman, Indiana University Head Coach;
4x All-American at the University of Iowa, 1986 NCAA Champion;
4x NCAA finalist; 4x Big Ten Champ; Coach of three NCAA individual champions from Indiana University; An alternate on the US Olympic team in 1988

Learning to control the over/under tie will give your wrestlers the advantage to score on their feet from what is traditional a 50/50 position. Duane Goldman's technique from the over/under tie will allow your wrestlers to dictate the action of the match and give them and advantage over opponents who would rather wrestle from an open position and are not comfortable in this tie. You increase your offensive capabilities, while limiting your opponent's attacks, by putting yourself in an advantageous position within the tie.

The over/under is one of the most common tie-up positions in the sport of wrestling, yet many wrestlers don't feel comfortable in this position. Coach Goldman shows solid technique from the over/under that will help you feel at ease and have you scoring on your opponents in no time. Traditionally, each wrestler has the same position and advantage from the over-under tie, but Goldman provides a strategy where a wrestler can have the advantage.

By implementing the techniques in Coach Goldman's Over/Under Series, you will:

  • Create an advantageous position in the Over/Under Position
  • Become comfortable in a position that many wrestlers are not comfortable in
  • Defend attacks from the Over/Under Position effectively
Coach Goldman teaches you several attacks from the over/under tie after advantage has been secured. He begins with a segment on turning the over/under into an underhook and a wrist combination. From this position, he shows a series of moves, including: arm drags, single and double leg takedowns, foot sweeps, throw-bys, inside and outside trips, ankle picks and throws. He then moves into the over/under.

He demonstrates how to gain the upper hand in this position and then he shows how to create scoring opportunities with a variety of setups that will lead to more leg attacks, body locks, headlocks, front headlocks and arm spins and throws, just to name a few.

Finally, Coach Goldman goes over defensive strategies when your opponent is attacking you from the over/under position. He teaches a variety of counters that will give you the confidence to stop your opponent's attacks and enable you to set up your offense and score on your opponent.

Learn to control your opponent, counter his offense and create your own offensive onslaught with this over/under tie-up series that, once perfected, will be hard to stop.

56 minutes. 2013.

"Coaches at every level can glean something from this video. It is packed with solid technique from a very effective control tie. It is without a doubt a DVD that I want in my video library."
- R. Milazzo, Roxana (IL) High School Head Wrestling Coach

Takedowns and TurnsTakedowns and Turns
with Joe LeBlanc, Brown University Assistant Coach;
former Indiana University Assistant Coach; 4x NCAA All-American at University of Wyoming

Learn the signature moves of four-time All American Joe LeBlanc! In this DVD, Coach LeBlanc focuses on scoring techniques from four areas: The 2-on-1 tie, the front headlock position on the mat, the tight waist tilt, and the low single leg takedown (including the defense to the low single and the defense to the defense of the low single).

Utilizing the techniques in this video will allow your wrestlers to:

  • Neutralize their opponents' attacks with the 2-on-1 tie, while increasing their own potential attacks
  • Become proficient at scoring "easy" points from the top position
  • Become a better scrambler from the low single leg position
2-on-1 Tie
The 2-on-1 series will limit offense for opponents while opening up options for the offensive wrestler. The 2-on-1 series starts with clearing a collar tie to get into the 2-on-1 tie. Coach Leblanc shows you the preferred hand positions and body position of the tie, the basic footwork for most takedowns from this tie, and the specific takedown finishes. In all, he shows 12 different takedowns from the 2-on-1. He includes a fireman's carry series out of the 2-on-1 with three different finishes depending on how your opponent reacts.

Front Headlock
The series then shifts to getting into the front headlock position from a 2-on-1 tie. Several scoring options are covered from the front headlock position. These finishes include the offside cradle, knee tap, low singles, shuck, go-behinds, ankle picks and an inside trip.

Tight Waist Tilt
While it is not designed to pin, the tight waist tilt can be used to earn quick back points, even against tough bottom wrestlers. The tight waist tilt was Coach Leblanc's favorite tilt (and "the easiest way to score points in college"). Leblanc teaches the finer points of this successful tilt, including how to get the best possible hand positions, how to tilt your opponent from a break down, when he/she sits out, stands up, and is flat on their belly, and how to stay in good position after the tilt.

Low Single
Finally, Coach Leblanc goes back to the low single position and describes how to set it up from your feet. He then shows several finishes when in the low single leg position, counters to the position, and then counters to the counter. His unique low single defense works against most common finishes, resulting in easy points for your wrestler, especially in a scramble situation from their feet.This is a great video for intermediate to advanced wrestlers. It shows multiple techniques that can work in the high school and collegiate levels. Using these moves from Coach Leblanc will allow wrestlers to put up lots of points and become more successful wrestlers.

65 minutes. 2013.

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