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Signature Moves Series: Jessie Reyes - Inside Trip

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Features & Benefits
  • Get a detailed look at Jessie Reyes' unstoppable Inside Trip
  • Learn to hit the Inside Trip from four different set-ups
  • See how to use the Inside Trip to turn defense into offense
with Jessie Reyes, 1984 D-I & D-II NCAA Champion (2x NCAA D-II National Champion);
Most Valuable Wrestler award at the 1983 Division II National Championships;
former Purdue University Head Coach; Purdue's all-time coaching leader in wins

One name has been attached to the inside trip - Jessie Reyes. In fact, Reyes used the inside trip to win three national championships, hitting the move successfully five times in the national finals. Now, for the first time ever, Reyes gives you a detailed look at the move that everyone knew was coming but couldn't stop.

The inside trip is an explosive move with a lot of steps. Reyes takes you step-by-step through the move, giving you a detailed breakdown of each step - from moving your opponent into position, to the proper footwork for the penetration step, gaining a tight clamp on the leg, all the way to a finish. Reyes includes four drills that he used to help you train the mechanics of the technique.

Once you've seen the basic steps, Reyes teaches you how to use the technique from four different set-ups. He covers the key points for hitting the inside trip from a:

  • Underhook (Reyes also shows how a taller, "lankier" wrestler can use this technique)
  • 2-on-1
  • Snap Down
  • Without tying up
  • From a high crotch

What separated Reyes from other wrestlers was his ability to hit the inside trip from different situations. He demonstrates two common situations in which you can use the inside trip effectively - from a high crotch and by faking a duck under.

Order this DVD today and the inside trip from the master - Jessie Reyes.

91 minutes. 2011.

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Ratings & Reviews

Signature Moves Series: Jessie Reyes - Inside Trip
on December 2, 2015
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by David H

This is an excellent DVD, about executing a technique that is commonly overlooked and under-rated in wrestling. Admittedly during my competitive years, I was guilty of completing ignoring the inside trip. I overlooked it because it wasn't something emphasized in the practice room, just seemed too easy, and wasn't something anyone did on a routine basis. Maybe during competition you'd see it done every now and then, but doubles, singles and high crotches seemed to be the most effective takedowns.

Every wrestler has one or two moves that they'd hit consistently all the time, "a go to move" if you will; well, the inside trip is Jessie Reyes' go to move. Right from the beginning you can tell Jessie has spent a lot of time thinking about what makes the inside trip work and is very knowledgeable about how to set it up. Honestly, in the 18 plus years I have been wrestling, the minor details and set ups he showed for the inside trip was something was I was never taught or seen. Like most things, it's the minor details which make or break the successful execution of a technique.

The inside trip is a great high percentage move that is commonly overlooked. Now that I'm older, heavier and slower, I don't have the gas tank to level change and hit doubles and singles all the time. The inside trip is a great takedown to add to your arsenal. A great DVD with a lot of good details and explanations on how to set up this technique so you can hit it constantly all the time.

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Signature Moves Series: Jessie Reyes - Inside Trip
on December 14, 2011
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Each of the top tier coaches are really known for their own particular series of techniques, so much so that you just wouldn't quite "feel" as much confidence if any other coach demonstrated that series; the same holds true for Jesse Reyes: although I learned the inside-trip from a legendarty coach, Jesse Reyes' apprehension of this technique -- and from all the many different control ties in which he hits it (e.g., the Russian, an under-hook, etc.) is simply second to none. Don't look any further, because he is the king here -- you can clearly tell that he's thought about, and practiced this series to its full development.

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