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Nick Mitchell 3-Pack

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  • Get ideas for developing a successful plan and vision for your program in the short term and in the long run
  • Learn drills that will help you stay in good position late in a match
  • Learn to defend and score off of your opponent's single leg attack
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Start to Finish: Building a Championship Program

with Nick Mitchell, Grand View University Head Coach,
Back-to-Back-to Back NAIA National Champions (2012-14); 2x NAIA National Coach of the Year (2012, 2013).
As an athlete, Coach Mitchell was a three-time NCAA Division III All-American for Wartburg College

Nick Mitchell was the first ever coach at Grand View University, and in four years he took the program from a start up to winning a national championship. In this video, you will gain a unique perspective on building a championship program from one of the nation's best young coaches.

Coach Mitchell focuses on goal setting as a great tool for building a successful program. He describes how to create a foundation and vision for your program. While his goals are for a college programs, many of them can be applied at the high school level.

Mitchell includes advice on:

  • Using newer innovations and social media and how coaches need to grow in order to continue to keep their programs on top.
  • Finding great assistants.
  • How your athletes can represent your program.
  • Fundraising.
  • Coaching your coaches.
  • Continued development of your programs philosophy and expectations.
  • Defining success for your program.
  • And much more!

Coaches developing and improving their programs programs will take many great ideas from this presentation. Parents also benefit from this as in what types of things to look for in sending your wrestler to a program that you can feel good about and trust.

64 minutes. 2013.

Championship Practice Drills for Wrestling

with Nick Mitchell, Grand View University Head Coach,
Back-to-Back-to Back NAIA National Champions (2012-14); 2x NAIA National Coach of the Year (2012, 2013).
As an athlete, Coach Mitchell was a three-time NCAA Division III All-American for Wartburg College

Nick Mitchell delivers more than 20 practice drills that have helped Grand View University become a championship team in only four years of existence. The drills were developed to create situations that your wrestlers will find themselves in during a match, and will reinforce good positioning and build muscle memory so that your wrestlers will know how to react in any situation.

Drills from the Feet
Staying in good position is key to being successful in any match, but especially late in the period or match when you have to score and dominate your opponent. Coach Mitchell shows drills and situations that lead to consistent scoring on your feet. From stance to defense, these drills train muscle memory that is necessary to score from the feet.

Short Offense Drills
Coach Mitchell's teams are known for their front headlocks and short offense. He demonstrates useful drills and does a great job emphasizing the finer points of short offense that, combined with these drills, will help wrestlers score from this position.

Drills from the Top and Bottom Position
Wrestlers have to learn how to score from the bottom as well as how to ride and score from the top position. Coach Mitchell provides several drills from the bottom and top positions that are common problems for wrestlers. In these situations, Mitchell demonstrates techniques for wrestlers to get away, ride or turn their opponent.

Hand Fighting
Hand fighting should always have a purpose and that is for the wrestler to get their controls. Coach Mitchell provides a few different types of hand fighting drills, including a drill that will force your wrestlers to use three different set-ups to accomplish their goals.

Coach Mitchell also uses mental training in his program to both train the body (developing mental toughness) and the mind (developing confidence and a Champion's mindset). This is often a key that is over-looked by many lower tier coaches and parents and needs to be developed further in order for any athlete to reach his full potential.

These drills can be incorporated into any practice room in the country to help any wrestler or coach improve their drilling and improve technique in every position while on the mat.

76 minutes. 2013.

Short Offense: Scoring from the Front Headlock Position

with Nick Mitchell, Grand View University Head Coach,
Back-to-Back-to Back NAIA National Champions (2012-14); 2x NAIA National Coach of the Year (2012, 2013).
As an athlete, Coach Mitchell was a three-time NCAA Division III All-American for Wartburg College

It has often been said that the front headlock is the best move in wrestling.

NAIA National Coach of the Year, Nick Mitchell, shows how the front headlock can be incorporated into any wrestler's arsenal to make them a threat from any situation on their feet. He focuses on the basics and shows that it's the little things that separate you from your competition.

The short offense/front headlock series starts with head and hands defense. A good short offense or front headlock is predicated on good defense. It is vital to maintain good head position, which makes it hard to get to your legs and forces your opponent to go through your head and hands to get to your legs. Coach Mitchell goes over the position and then drills to keep you in good position.

The series then shifts to getting into the front headlock position using down blocks and pull downs to the mat. Once in the front headlock position, the primary scoring move is the go-behind. The go-behind is shown from a front headlock with and without the hands locked. You'll learn the right pressures to apply on your opponent for an easy go-behind for takedown and nearfall points.

If your opponent actually attacks and gets the leg, Mitchell covers how to sprawl and square your hips, so that you are again in the short offense position.

Next in the sequence is a "Head in the Hole" cradle and/or go-behind, followed by changing to an underhook and whipping your opponent to his back. The final move in the series is a knee-tap from the short offense position or the Dresser Dump from the standing position. You can catch your opponent in these moves while he is trying to defend your other attacks and take him straight to his back.

Mitchell also demonstrates how to recover when your opponent locks down on your elbow and causes you to lose your dominant position. He teaches these uncomfortable positions in easy to understand steps so they can be quickly incorporated into your offense and training sessions.

Coach Mitchell uses great demonstrations from multiple angles to highlight the important details that make each one of the situations devastatingly effective. He teaches what the typical wrestler is going to do and why his technique improves upon what the typical athlete does to make it that much more effective.

Make your opponent think twice about shooting on you! This short offense will allow you to score and make your opponent "pay" every time they shoot on you.

48 minutes. 2013.

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Nick Mitchell 3-Pack

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