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Lessons with Coach Douglas

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Lessons with Bobby Douglas: Beginning Takedowns

with Bobby Douglas,
former Iowa State University Head Coach;
National Wrestling Hall of Fame (1987),
2000 NWCA Coach of the Year

Widely considered one of the best technicians in the world, Bobby Douglas shares his wealth of wrestling knowledge on takedown fundamentals. Douglas demonstrates the movements that will make this techniques work every time. This DVD concentrates on takedown fundamentals from the clinch, body lock and underhook positions. Techniques demonstrated include inside trip, ankle grab, go behind, shoulder throw, arm spin, low single and more. He includes drills to help reinforce these techniques, as well as instruction on how to defend against these moves. This DVD will give your beginning wrestlers an excellent starting point in their career.

43 minutes. 2006

Lessons with Bobby Douglas: Takedown Drills

with Bobby Douglas,
former Iowa State University Head Coach;
National Wrestling Hall of Fame (1987),
2000 NWCA Coach of the Year

Coach Douglas demonstrates drills and various demonstrations that will reinforce proper technique on your feet. These drills focus on stance, movement and penetration and cover good head, body and hand position. Douglas concentrates on the clinch and collar tie-up while demonstrating technique on Fireman's Carry, Low Single, Inside Trip and more.

50 minutes. 2006

Lessons with Bobby Douglas: On the Mat

with Bobby Douglas,
former Iowa State University Head Coach;
National Wrestling Hall of Fame (1987),
2000 NWCA Coach of the Year

Once you start wrestling on the mat you can either win or lose the match in a hurry. Technique from the top and bottom position is so important, yet isn't worked on much in practice. Coach Douglas presents some simple, yet effective techniques, that will help you control your position. He begins with the top position, by teaching the 180 Breakdown presenting the technique and drills to put your opponent on the mat. In the bottom position Douglas concentrates on the sit-out. He also covers a switch and roll off a sit-out.

20 minutes. 2006

Lessons with Bobby Douglas: Set-ups

with Bobby Douglas,
former Iowa State University Head Coach;
National Wrestling Hall of Fame (1987),
2000 NWCA Coach of the Year

In this DVD, Coach Douglas focuses on two set-ups, the underhook and 2-on-1. Douglas illustrates at least five takedowns for each set-up, including the double leg tackle, trips and throws. He also describes the defense against each. As a bonus, Douglas covers the single leg tackle. Douglas demonstrates how to teach the technique, how to drill the techniques as well as covering some of the finer point that make these techniques work - which will make your wrestlers better on their feet.

39 minutes. 2006

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Ratings & Reviews

Lessons with Coach Douglas
on April 26, 2011
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by ArthurChenevey304

This four video set encompasses the fundamentals of solid wrestling skills anyone interested in becoming a well rounded wrestler and coach, regardless of skill level and coaching expertise. It's an information rich, fast paced, learning experience that innately chains all of the wrestling basics as they need to be learned, practiced, drilled and countered. There is so much on each of these videos that the time frame stated as to the length of each video is deceptively packed, that is, Douglas does not waste time going over a single application, again and again. If one needs to replay, just use the replay apps of one's DVD Player. Many competitive DVDs run 45 to 120 minutes, but their draw back is that it shows several, single applications over and over. Douglas' short 20 minute video on Mat work, for example, is so jammed backed, that one will need to replay the flowing drills or applications over several times to get the full benefit of how the set ups, drills and counters operate in the fluid ways demonstrated on the video. Personally, I really like and approve of how Douglas uses this learning medium--He uses it to the medium's utmost, maximum potential, yet clearly demonstrates how to execute the action, how to drill it, how to set it up and how to counter it is a smooth flow of spontaneous action. This DVD set needs to be in any serious athlete's learning library and on every wrestling coaches shelves as a serious training aid. Bobby Douglas genuinely demonstrates why he is one of wrestlings all time technical masters and superb coach and teacher. One might gain a glimpse, too, as to why Cael Sanderson was so good as an athlete and wrestling technician, and so proficient as Penn States' new chief wrestling coach.

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Lessons with Coach Douglas

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