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KILLER CRADLES: Terminal Takedowns starring Wade Schalles

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"Cradles are the most powerful pinning combination known to man"
-Wade Schalles
Wrestling's all-time leader in pins, having defeated 36 national champions, pinning 17 of them, and defeating 8 world titlists.
with Wade Schalles, former Clarion University wrestler (1972-73), won both Division II and Division I titles twice, and was outstanding wrestler of both events as a sophomore; compiled a collegiate record of 153-5-1, while amassing 106 falls.

If you think you know cradles, think again. In this DVD series, Wade has packed FIVE HOURS of the most comprehensive instruction on the most devastating pinning combination in wrestling: THE CRADLE.

Whether you are in the up position or underneath, chances are there's a cradle available. Wade takes coached and athletes step-by-step through a dizzying array of cradles and cradle defenses, pointing out the finer points of each technique (including all the details that make the difference between winning and losing).

As an added bonus, Coach Schalles has compiled all of the individual techniques on a special DVD for coaches and athletes to use as a quick reference!


  • Adding the "Sixth" Phase to Wrestling
  • Cradle Grips
  • Cradle Set Ups
  • Cradles and Riding Legs
  • Crossface Cradle Series
  • The Lazy Man Series
  • Nearside One on One
  • The "Head in the Hole"
  • Under Leg Cradle
  • Nearside Cradle Series
  • Farside Cradle Series
  • Bottomleg Cradle
  • Clamp Cradle Series
  • Defending Cradles
4 DVDs (352 minutes).

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Ratings & Reviews

KILLER CRADLES: Terminal Takedowns starring Wade Schalles
on March 23, 2013
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars


While you're shopping around for DVD's to improve your game, definitely give this 4-disc(3 discs + 1 no-audio "Bonus Disc") some consideration. Forget that the video/audio is less-than-studio-quality what w/ handheld camera work, bec. the instruction is by Wade Schalles, and that says it all. Don't forget Wade other set, "Legal Pain"(a mix of the younger Wade Schalles' best-selling VHSnow converted to DVD of course] w/the modern Wade Schalles' updates & live instruction). If you disregard production values(they're more than ample and only rarely subtract from the content -- in fact, it could be argued the old VHS is better-shot w/ stationary cameras). Either way, you won't be disappointed. If this set doesn't do the trick(within their scope of instruction), none will.

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KILLER CRADLES: Terminal Takedowns starring Wade Schalles
on March 19, 2011
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by Randohm

I have about 20 DVDs from Championship productions and this one is definitely my favorite. Wade Schalles is an excellent teacher. He really know how to break things down and make them simple to understand. Schalles uses many excellent metaphors to explain techniques to get things across. Once you hear him explain clock theory and finish to start concepts you'll never look the same way at wrestling again.

The techniques are brutal and simple. A cradle really can be hit from almost any position. You'll have to see it to believe it because it defies description. There are so many little things Wade Schalles teaches that make such a big difference. After watching this series I felt like I had been doing and teaching cradles all wrong before I saw it.

A cradle will not be called for potentially dangerous situation. It can be hit from standing neutral and even the bottom position. There are many different types of cradles to hit for many different types of situations. There are more cradle opportunities available than any other technique in existence.

Many wrestlers don't use cradle because they think cradles are too difficult to put in. Wade Schalles shows the little adjustments that can be made to make putting a cradle in fast, easy and almost effortless. No matter what your opponent does there is a cradle waiting just waiting to be put in.

Schalles adds a lot of extra coaching and explanation about techniques other than the cradle. I was impressed with how to increase your pressure on a half nelson and how to put in a surprise arm bar and hammer lock. Knowing these new ways to do techniques will help set up cradles when your opponent tries to counter them. His explanation of legal discomfort is enlightening and his talk about how even a lesser athlete from a lesser wrestling program can turn the tables with a cradle is inspirational.

All in all this DVD series is just above all the rest I've ever seen. The great coaches and wrestlers like Dan Gable, Jeff Swenson and Greg Strobel are still great but Wade Shcalles wins first place in my book with his killer cradles and terminal takedowns series.

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