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Dave Malecek's Wrestling Drills 2-Pack

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Features & Benefits
  • Learn to use specific lifts to simulate wrestling situations
  • Learn shot defense drills that will prevent your opponent from scoring and lead into an offensive attack
Weight Room to Wrestling RoomWeight Room to Wrestling Room
with Dave Malecek, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Head Coach;
5x conference coach of the year; 5 straight WIAC conference championships (2007-10); Five top 3 finishes in the DIII National Tournament in six seasons; 2007 NCAA Rookie Coach of the Year; All-American wrestler at UNI.

Add a new twist to the old classics for conditioning.

Conditioning is a critical part of any wrestling program. Having coached his UW-LaCrosse Eagles to top three finishes in each of his first five seasons, Dave Malacek has proven he can transfer work done in the weight room to the wrestling mat.

In this wrestling DVD, Coach Malecek demonstrates many of his favorite exercises that emphasize the specific needs of wrestlers. He shows you how to make simple strength training drills into wrestling specific activities that can be done before, during, or after practice. Each exercise is demonstrated, and then followed up with a wrestling drill/situation for your athletes to better understand the importance of the exercise.

Coach Malecek provides exercises that vary from old classics - such as pushups - to the trending tools of today - like battle ropes and resistance bands. All exercises can be completed in the wrestling room instead of traveling to the weight room. Exercises covered include:

  • Push-Ups and Bench Press - Your wrestler will explode to his feet from the bottom referee's position and recover quicker when under a sprawled opponent.
  • Cleans and Squats - Develop your wrestler's ability to return his opponent to the mat, to perform a stand-up, and to clear an opponent's collar-tie into a pass-by.
  • "Stretchy Ropes" - Use these resistance bands to strengthen your wrestler's snap downs, snapping his opponents' heads down to the mat to score easily.
  • Battle Ropes - Wave your wrestler's arms repeatedly in small or big motions to improve forearm and grip strength, leading to dominant hand fighting skills.
  • Curls - Conditioning the biceps with curls allows your wrestler to win the underhook position.
  • Quick Feet - These agility exercises improve movement from the neutral position, ensuring quick feet during takedown finishes and stand-ups.
When your athletes complete wrestling drills that mimic the actions of their conditioning exercises they will become more invested in their workouts. These exercises, when incorporated into tough practices, will help your team get over that "fear of failure" and enable them to get past the point of exhaustion and to still push hard.

Strength and conditioning is crucial to the development of any wrestler. If you are having a hard time setting up a strength and conditioning program to maximize your wrestlers' potential, this video allows you to get more specific training in a very efficient format.

61 minutes. 2012.

Focused and Fundamental Drilling on the FeetFocused and Fundamental Drilling on the Feet
with Dave Malecek, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Head Coach;
5x conference coach of the year; 5 straight WIAC conference championships (2007-10); Five top 3 finishes in the DIII National Tournament in six seasons; 2007 NCAA Rookie Coach of the Year; All-American wrestler at UNI.

Is your practice running as well as you'd like? Load up on a comprehensive set of partner drills to help you better plan a practice for pre-season, regular season and post-season.

Drilling is an important tool for the development of any wrestling program. Good habits are built through drills that emphasize the basic techniques and positions. In this wrestling DVD, Dave Malecek shares his coaching wisdom with the drills that have produced nine NCAA Div. III champions and 28 All-Americans. Coach Malecek provides drills to access strengths and weaknesses, teach basic positions, and focus on specific positions. Topics covered include:

  • "Reading" Your Team - Use the first seven minutes of practice to gauge the focus and mindset of your team.
  • Head Up, Knees Under - Drilling the high crotch, single leg, and double leg takedowns with an emphasis on keeping the head up and knees under ensures the success of your team's takedown attempts.
  • Shadow Wrestling - Help your team develop good movement and footwork in conjunction with hand motion between rounds of partner drilling.
  • Shot Defense - Get your wrestlers to automatically react when their opponents get in on their legs and turn their defense into offense.
  • Clearing Tie-ups - Drill your team to clear underhooks, 2 on 1's, wrists, and collar ties, and to immediately look for the attack right after.
  • Making Drills into a Series - Give your wrestlers some different looks off the same move based on their opponent's reactions, allowing your wrestlers to learn to adapt to their opponents, and also creating more lifelike drills.
  • Creating shorter, varied practices - Learn to create more focused practices, emphasizing the basics and ensuring that no two practices should be the same.

Most importantly, this video will stress to you as the coach, the way to develop the proper attitude and body language. Focus on the positives that your team is accomplishing and making sure you team is understands the basics and concepts. Coaches can utilize these drills for both small and large group instruction. Drills are provided for youth, middle school, high school, and college programs.

Using a variety of drills, your practices will be dynamic and stimulating every day. Take your program to the next level with the addition of solid drills, in a positive learning environment.

75 minutes. 2012.

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