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Features & Benefits
  • Discover fun, competitive games to condition your athletes and kick off your season
  • Foster camaraderie and team work and create a competitive practice environment
  • Keep your athletes motivated and looking forward to practice
with Don Stoll,
Head Coach El Toro CA High School,
7xState Championships, 12x CIF Coach of the Year

Here's a DVD for novice and veteran coaches alike. Beginners will learn how design well-rounded, results-driven practice sessions while seasoned coaches will gain new insights into developing stronger, more competitive prep athletes.

Using a no-nonsense lecture format and live drill demonstrations, legendary water polo coach Don Stoll, shares techniques for conditioning athletes, fostering camaraderie and creating a competitive spirit. There's a deliberate emphasis on having fun, which Stoll believes generates creativity and keeps athletes motivated through this intense boot camp experience .

Stoll breaks down his two-week boot camp on a marker board, giving you an opportunity to see how two-a-day practices are most effectively organized. Practice sessions begin with intense conditioning work followed by a team challenge.

Some of the challenges are familiar like Stoll's version of musical chairs while others are out-of-the box tactics developed over his incredible, successful 40-year career. A few of the challenges like the "tire flip" are based on "strong man competitions" while others like the underwater relay are adapted from movie stunts. Some are agility drills disguised as pure fun like the team egg toss.

Stoll's easy-to-follow advice and drills will help you develop teams that actually look forward to practice sessions.

36 minutes. 2011.

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