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John Tanner's Intangibles for Water Polo 3-Pack

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Features & Benefits
  • Prepare yourself for the big games
  • Watch and play the game with greater knowledge and insight
  • Implement and practice the nuances of the game and cross the fine line between success and failure
20 Unpublished Tips for Becoming a World Champion Water Polo Player20 Unpublished Tips for Becoming a World Champion Water Polo Player
with John Tanner,
Stanford University Head Women's Water Polo Coach,
2011 & 2002 NCAA Champions;
and Assistant Coach of Men's 2000 US Olympic Water Polo Team

and Brenda Villa,
3x Olympian and NCAA All American, Water Polo Player of the Decade

Prepare yourself mentally and physically to perform your best and take your game to the next level!

Two time NCAA Championship Coach John Tanner and three time Olympian and Player of the Decade Brenda Villa, take provide 20 tips on how you can become a World Champion water polo player.

Using practice footage, Coach Tanner shows you how to get rid of grabbers, create more space, deal with a 2-meter player, make the perfect block, draw the foul, make a quality shot, faking, passing, taking the defender, handle the demands of the game, reversals, quickness and the importance of the hip shift.

In an interview with Brenda Villa your will learn about her pre-game and post-game routines and how she competes during the game. Learn how to improve your individual skills and make those around you better. With coaching points throughout the DVD, you can improve and perfect your technique.

71 minutes. 2012.

Understanding Water PoloUnderstanding Water Polo
with John Tanner,
Stanford University Head Women's Water Polo Coach,
2011 & 2002 NCAA Champions;
and Assistant Coach of Men's 2000 US Olympic Water Polo Team

and Brenda Villa,
3x Olympian and NCAA All American, Water Polo Player of the Decade

To best understand the game of water polo, John Tanner believes it is imperative to look at the game with a multi-faceted perspective. This includes seeing the game through the eyes of a referee, coach, and player. The goal of this four-part presentation is to create a clear understanding of the game that benefits players, coaches, and spectators along with sharing insights and strategies.

Fouls and Whistles
Unlike other sports where the whistle indicates a game stoppage, in water polo the whistle indicates continuation of the game, and the whistle pattern indicates both the infraction and how to continue play. In the pool, Coach Tanner defines and demonstrates examples of the following fouls: Ordinary, Exclusion, Penalty, and the Offensive Push Off foul. The detailed explanation Tanner provides coupled with player demonstrations of each of these foul situations--including the whistle pattern for each-- provide a very clear understanding of how these rules effect the continuous play of the game. Invaluable information for players, coaches, and spectators!

Water Polo throughout the World
Coach Tanner engages 3x Olympian Brenda Villa in an information exchange regarding styles of play throughout the world. Both Tanner and Villa share their experiences with these different styles and what challenges these styles create to both playing in or playing against. Discussion includes the importance of advanced planning at any level to be prepared for teams that offer unique challenges.

X's and O's of Water Polo
This segment offers a look at understanding tactics of the game. Tanner and Villa diagram and discuss the offensive and defensive strategies for a variety of systems. Tanner first shares his numbering system and proceeds to look at a variety of front court attack and defend strategies. Tanner and Villa present specifics on how to successfully attack and defend and offer invaluable nuances from their experiences as both a coach and a player.

Power Plays
Tanner and Villa again look at tactics and strategies for defending and attacking in power play situations. Villa specifically details strategies for a high school level or lower level team that offers the best offensive and defensive tactics for that level of play along with the pros and cons of various power play strategies.

58 minutes. 2012.

Strategies for Creating Competitive Advantages in Water PoloStrategies for Creating Competitive Advantages in Water Polo
with John Tanner,
Stanford University Head Women's Water Polo Coach,
2011 & 2002 NCAA Champions;
and Assistant Coach of Men's 2000 US Olympic Water Polo Team

and Brenda Villa,
3x Olympian and NCAA All American, Water Polo Player of the Decade

The fine line between success and failure in sport most often lies in the intangibles and nuances of the game. Stanford and Olympic coach John Tanner, along with 3-time Olympian Brenda Villa, detail a wide range of intangibles both in the water and out for successful water polo.

Defending & Protecting
Starting in the water, Coach Tanner begins with the intangible skills of defending and protecting. These skills include guarding without fouling, left-handed and right-handed steal techniques, and fake and steal techniques without impeding.

Attacking & Driving
Develop offensive perimeter intangibles that include turn and attack moves and drive moves to gain the advantage on a drive. Tanner provides commentary and coaching insights as Villa demonstrates how to be explosive with the legs to start the drive, including high tempo strokes and the crossover release move. Tanner reviews center vs. defender skills focusing on strong side turn and weak side drop step.

Passing & Shooting
This segment highlights the techniques and nuances of the leg and body positions that are most advantageous to successful passing and shooting. Core strength is also discussed as an essential skill for both passing and shooting.

Practice Design
Moving out of the water, Tanner provides insight into managing practice giving you tips and strategies to get maximum work in minimum spaces. This segment also includes strategies for how to divide the pool and pool deck for effective mass participation and effectiveness. You'll also learn how to utilize your leaders in a way that assists in practice management.

Overcoming Your Shortcomings
Learn how to turn perceived disadvantages into advantages in a variety of common game match-up situations. Both Tanner and Villa feel that finding balance in match preparation is imperative. Understanding your strengths and playing with your strengths while knowing your opponent in their mind offers the best chance for success. Out of the water intangibles that are presented include the importance of commitment; to the sport, to academics, and to your team that all combine to pay lifelong dividends. In a final segment, Injuries and Illness, coping strategies are discussed.

This unique DVD offers invaluable across the board information into the sport that every player and coach a competitive edge over their opponents.

68 minutes. 2012 .

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Ratings & Reviews

John Tanner's Intangibles for Water Polo 3-Pack
on July 31, 2012
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by ltlredwagon

I liked the Understanding Water Polo DVD and thought it was a good presentation.

In terms of ability levels and gradients, the other two videos are all over the place. If you look at the titles you can see that they are trying to cover a broad area, but I didn't find the organization of materials and the sequences particularly well thought out. I think the production would have benefitted from having the presentation reviewed and evaluated more extensively prior to publication by beginners and experience players. Some of the material, especially the blackboard diagrams and discussions, is going to be hard for many to follow, especially younger players, but will be very valuable to more experience players and coaches.

The other side of the presentation is done in the pool and I thought that was very well done - simple and direct, and beneficial to a range of players, including beginners.

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