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  • Includes pre-season and competitive season training plan
  • Get 60 team drills and variations you can use as a resource to create your practice plans
  • Includes tapering ideas for championship play
with Don Stoll,
Head Coach El Toro CA High School,
7xState Championships, 12x CIF Coach of the Year

In the follow-up to his incredible boot camp DVD, coaching great Don Stoll shares 60 drills and variations to ramp up your training plans for both the pre-season and the competitive season.

Stoll, who has coached his water polo teams to an incredible seven state championships, emphasizes preparedness in conditioning, passing and shooting abilities. He shares strategies for evaluating the 6-on-5 offense and 6-on-5 defense, which he believes are the keys to successful league play.

Using a classroom lecture format, Stoll breaks down practice sessions by days of the week and times of the day, showing how alternating conditioning work with drills builds tougher, more resilient athletes. He also includes a tapering scheme for the championship phase of the season.

The second-half of the DVD is spent at the pool where live demonstrators are used to show 60 different team drills. In addition to three- and four-drop drills, Stoll walks through three- and seven-man triangle passing drills and a full complement of maneuvers. Interspersed with detailed instructions are coaching insights gleaned from Stoll's amazing 40-year career.

Whether you're a novice or a veteran coach, this library of drills will serve as an invaluable resource as you plan your practices.

68 minutes. 2011.

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