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Features & Benefits
  • See the 4-2 simplified
  • Install a perfect system for younger teams and beginning coaches
  • Presents good options for front and back row attacks
with John Knuth,
Marysville HS (MI) Head Coach;
over 1,000 coaching victories,
2X National Coach of the Year;
9X State Champs (including eight in a row);
192 consecutive wins ('96-'00) is #4 most all-time nationally!

The 4-2 offensive system features four attackers and two setters. Advantages to this offense are: It is a simple offense, the setter is always in the front row, it can utilize immobile setters and the offense can run with less accurate passing. John Knuth's basic alignment calls for two front line players watching the serve. On the serve, they rotate back to their positions, putting the setter back in the middle. Another alignment is the International 4-2 set, sometimes called the right side 4-2. The International is a quicker offense and sets are in front of the dominant hand. Coach Knuth covers the five person serve receive, the "U" serve receive and the three-person serve receive. The 4-2 numbering system goes from 1 to 5, depending on how high and how far out the set up is. Front row attack drills are demonstrated as well as back row attack drills. Knuth includes the offense vs. zero drill, which is a key part of practicing this offense.

56 minutes. 2007.

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