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Features & Benefits
  • Build the correct fundamentals of the toss and hand contact
  • Incorporate hand contact drills to develop accuracy
  • Learn serving games to keep practices competitive
  • Teach the fundamentals of an overhand float serve (plus Jump float, top spin serve, short serve)
with Anne Kordes, University of Louisville Head Coach;
2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach

Anne Kordes breaks down the serve into the proper fundamental steps that allows you to teach any of the serving styles.

While this is geared at beginner servers, all levels could learn technique or two to make them a better player or coach. In this detail video, you will learn to:

  • Teach serving posture - Good posture of the arm, foot forward, weight transfer and arm swing is the most important of serving accuracy.
  • Target serving to be straight in front of server - Hitting a zone is based on controlling the serve and having it go straight. It also keeps the body in better form.
  • Serve to zones and reasons - While many teach hitting zones, Coach Kordes makes sure to explain why each zone has different importance and how it is important to serve for accuracy.

Coach Kordes gives you a number of drills that concentrate on the necessary skills to develop these fundamentals, while giving them goals and objectives in a competitive and fun atmosphere.

The game starts with the serve and it can end with the serve. Make sure your players know how to serve and successful attack the other team.

61 minutes. 2014.

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Serving Fundamentals for Volleyball
on March 2, 2014
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by Anonymous

I always enjoy Anne Kordes videos. She is a master of detail. This was a fairly basic video, but to be fair I was looking for a youth video. I saw several videos but with the video clips being temporarily taken off line I went with a downloadable Anne video. Good explanations.

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