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with Don Shaw,
former Stanford University Head Men's Volleyball Coach

Coach Shaw begins by teaching the ready position with proper posture, foot and hand positioning leading to a "drop, jump, and land on balance" sequence. To simulate proper blocking skill technique at the apex of the jump, Shaw places his demonstrator on a jumping box and teaches the nuances of "sealing the top of the net." With the stationary body position basics in place, Shaw adds footwork and takes you through a drill progression without the use of the ball progressing through Side Step, Shuffle Step and Crossover Step. Throughout the entire progression, Shaw demonstrates his preferred strategies sharing his philosophies and reasoning behind each of the skills. Shaw then incorporates live ball drills for each of the four blocking maneuvers. In Part 2, Individual Defensive Technique, Shaw replicates his instructional methodologies from Part I beginning with basic body position instruction for digging and then progresses to forward, backward, and lateral movement. He then shares his favorite implementation techniques: "Pepper," with 2, 3, and 4 person drills.

40 minutes. 2003.

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