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Maximizing Practice Repetitions

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Features & Benefits
  • Maximize every volleyball practice minute
  • Develop game sense through practice
  • Intensify your volleyball coaching
with Steve Aird,
TCA Volleyball Director Of Operations,
former Penn State Director of Volleyball Operations

Coach Steve Aird, capitalizing on his experience at Penn State, takes you on a fast ride through a series of drills and concepts that are designed to maximize the productivity of your team, every minute of every practice. Beginning with practice planning, Aird leads you through an example of how to run your players through a volleyball-specific warm-up that will keep your athletes engaged in the practice. Aird shares ideas to utilize the early season to establish drills so that they become more time efficient as the season progresses. As your players gets warmed up, and the practice progresses, Aird believes that the coaching and teaching need to intensify. He demonstrates drills and activities that will allow your players to think and read and develop game sense in a practice setting. Aird includes four important team skills that guide his practices and follows with a 5-on-5 no middle drill series that shows how to design play that best serves the needs of your team. This presentation shares drill ideas and coaching methodology so that you, too, can maximize practice repetitions.

58 Minutes 2009.

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Ratings & Reviews

Maximizing Practice Repetitions
on June 3, 2012
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by Anonymous

Was looking for a little more, seems geared more towards a novice coach with very basic drills.

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Maximizing Practice Repetitions
on February 1, 2012
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
4/5 Stars

by KamanHung937

Steve Aird really knows his stuff about practice efficiency. When he speaks he commands an auidence and while there are other videos out there that will show more drills to use, the advice and the tips you will receive from watching this video will make you a better coach, and in turn will make you a better team.

One concept I learned from this video was the fact that most volleyball coaches will do condiitoning for the first 20-30 minutes during a 2-hour practice. He states that when you have four or five practices like that, you actually reduce the number of repetitions you get and can end up losing a full practice by the end of the week. And by the end of the season you could lose upwards of 10 practices.

He shows you a few drills and how to work on getting players more touches through ball control and at the same time will give you tips on what to train vs. what NOT to train. Another example is when he talks about training serving and passing at the younger level as opposed to blocking because it's all about the percentages. Your young team may be a terrible blocking team, but that doesn't mean you should train them on blocking in place of the skills that will actually win you the match (serving & passing).

I gave this DVD a 4/5 stars because I feel that the session could have been longer and that he could have gathered his thoughts, several times he goes off-topic but he is able to reel it back in. All-in-all, a very strong presentation by a very good and knowledgable coach.

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