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Game Speed Drills for Volleyball

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Features & Benefits
  • Train your setter and team at game speed
  • Get detailed strategies for volleyball movement, positioning, and vision sequencing
  • Improve your volleyball team's serve and serve receive
  • Bring volleyball game speed and competitiveness to your practices
  • Maintain consistent, accurate passing at game speed
  • Learn multiple option attacking drills
  • Energize your ball control training
  • React to errant contacts with confidence
Game Speed Setting DrillsGame Speed Setting Drills
with Christy Johnson-Lynch;
Iowa State University Head Coach;
2009 Asics/Volleyball Magazine National Coach of the Year;
2009 Big 12 Coach of the Year; 2011& 2008 Elite Eight appearances

Research shows that the more game-like your drills are in practice, the more carry over the drills will have to matches. Setting drills depend on different angles of the pass. In all, Coach Christy Johnson-Lynch demonstrates 14 basic, intermediate and advanced drills. These drills work on blocking and setting, release from serve and receive position, how to read the opponent at the net and make the appropriate play, decision-making, 'set up opposite' the direction of the pass and much more. These drills mirror the activity-level of setters in matches; these drills will lead to better play.

30 minutes. 2007.

Game Speed Blocking DrillsGame Speed Blocking Drills
with Bond Shymansky, University of Iowa Head Coach;
former Marquette University Head Coach; 2013 Big East Champs;
former Georgia Tech Head Volleyball Coach; 2004 ACC Coach of the Year

Court movement, net movement, hand positioning and vision sequence are the major points of Coach Bond Shymansky's game speed blocking drills. He begins with snapshot blocking and focuses on anticipation and positioning. These situations are covered on the net, off the net and over the net. Players work on hand positioning, which includes spreading the fingers out as the player prepares to block. The fast penetration move is taught to add efficiency to blocking at the net. The best blocking comes from taking away angles over the net, not by going straight up. Another technique at the net is drop blocking. The player must be aggressive and take away angles based on the read made on the hitter. Shymansky demonstrates the one hand blocking technique. Footwork includes the 4-step method, which makes movement efficient and quick. Another blocking technique is to concentrate on getting square to the net in order to maintain penetration. A zone blocking drill teaches players to block in all nine areas of the net. The rapid fire blocking drill challenges the player to block five shots from two different spots on the net.

48 minutes. 2007.

Game Speed Serve & Serve Receive DrillsGame Speed Serve & Serve Receive Drills
with Terry Gamble,
McNeese State University Head Volleyball Coach;
former Iowa Western CC Head Coach,
2006 AVCA National Coach of the Year,
2006 NJCAA National Champions

Coach Terry Gamble feels that there are two important components for successful serve and serve receive drills - 1) movement, keeping multiple players active, engaged, and accountable; and 2) making the drills competitive with the goal of carrying practice competitiveness into game situations. Gamble integrates these components into more than 15 drills and variations that emphasize movement and competition for serve and serve receive. Throughout each drill, Gamble offers narrations of how to coach the drill to simulate game play, and strategies for wrapping the drill around your system. Gamble is a strong proponent of individual player and team accountability for every phase of skill and drill development and shares ideas rewarding success for proper drill execution. Gamble's drills are fun, competitive and easy to incorporate with high school and club teams. This DVD is sure to assist your team's serve and serve receive development.

58 minutes. 2008.

Game Speed Drills for Training CompetitivenessGame Speed Drills for Training Competitiveness
with Jim Moore, University of Oregon Head Coach;
2012 NCAA National Runner-up; 2012 Volleyball Magazine National Coach of the Year;
2006 Pac-10 Coach of the Year; 3x National Coach of the Year; 1993 D-II National Championship (at Northern Michigan)

Jim Moore believes that training with competitive drills is the key to getting a team to play hard. Coach Moore presents over 15 different drills with several variations that will assist you in helping your team train for competitiveness at game speed. Moore divides the drills into three groups: Non-6-on-6, 6-on-6 (non-wash) and wash drills (6-on-6). Throughout this library of drills, Moore shares ways to vary the drills to focus upon specific positions, as well as how to tweak the drill to address specific tactical challenges that your team might be experiencing. He also addresses how to adjust drills to be "ability appropriate" for your team. Included are strategies to ramp up the intensity of the drills to make them skill challenging and physically challenging to increase your team's conditioning and stamina. Moore's drills are certain to assist you in challenging your team's competitive resolve.

55 minutes. 2008

Game Speed Passing DrillsGame Speed Passing Drills
with Jerritt Elliott,
University of Texas Head Coach;
2015 NCAA Runner-Up; 2012 NCAA Champions;
Since 2008 has led Texas to the NCAA Semifinals seven times;
2012 AVCA Coach of the Year; 6x Big 12 Coach of the Year;
Elliott has coached seven consecutive Big 12 Players of the Year (2009-15)

Texas Coach Jerritt Elliott shares with you passing drills and concepts that he has successfully implemented with his Texas Longhorn team. Elliott builds this presentation from basic individual skill development to advance skill training. Beginning with the basic stance, Elliott teaches a balanced posture from which quick and efficient movement can occur. Next, Elliott details movement patterns for serve and serve receive. Moving into game speed drills, Elliott takes you into three individual fast paced passing drills, both coach and player initiated. He follows with 2-, 3- and 4-man live serve receive drills. In the final phase, Elliott demonstrates more competitive drills that feature server vs. passer, 2 vs. 3 passing, and 3 vs. 2 passing. Throughout each drill sequence Elliott offers valuable coaching tips on what to look for in maintaining sound fundamentals while performing at game speed. These drills are flexible in design and will work on any focus area your team needs to improve upon.

45 minutes. 2009.

Game Speed Attacking DrillsGame Speed Attacking Drills
with Kirsten Bernthal Booth,
Creighton University Head Coach

In this instructional volleyball DVD, Creighton coach Kirsten Bernthal Booth shares 10 game speed "base drills" that offer multiple options and flexibility to wrap around the attacking needs of your team. Throughout all of the drills, Booth offers nuances and strategies of how to vary the drills to best meet varying attacking needs for your situation. Booth begins with a high-speed middle blocker arm swing drill before moving into a middle blocker transition progression drill. She then moves into a triangle approach drill that includes three different set-up variations and a middle vs. middle scored drill. Booth then shares a high-speed vision sequencing progression for developing peripheral vision; an essential skill for successful hitting. Out of system attack drills and dig transition drills follow before moving into two half-court area drills. Free ball crossing pattern, in system vs. defense and a raised net drill round out the presentation. This volleyball DVD offers a variety of drills and excellent insight from Booth.

30 minutes. 2009.

Game Speed Ball Control DrillsGame Speed Ball Control Drills
with Anne Kordes,
University of Louisville Volleyball Coach;
former St. Louis University Head Coach

Over 35 game speed practice drills to improve your team's ball control! Anne Kordes begins this instructional 4-part volleyball DVD with 10 2-, 3- and 4-person ball control drills. These fast paced drills are structured to give players as many touches in as many game-like situations as imaginable. These drills will challenge a player's passing skills and serve as great conditioning and training drills as well. In part 2, Team Drills, Kordes presents seven creative drills that involve multiple players. In part 3, Team Wash Drills, Kordes shares player-initiated drills for maximum touches. These drills get players moving through the ball and are great for teams that may have limited staffs. In the final segment, Pepper Series, Kordes shares 16 different ball control challenges to reinforce technique and develop the game speed mind set in a player and team. Energize your ball control training today.

75 minutes. 2009.

Game Speed Out of System Transition DrillsGame Speed Out of System Transition Drills
with Chris Gonzalez,
Director Volleyball Club Dinamo;
former Assistant Coach at Long Beach State (1998 NCAA Undefeated National Champions,
4X Final Four appearances in five years);
Head Coach Cal Jrs., 1998 & 2005 U.S. Junior Olympic National Champions

A significant percentage of points during a volleyball game come from out of system play. Prepare your team to grab more points from out of systems play this season! In this instructional volleyball DVD, Gonzalez shares a systematic drill progression that will enable you to develop a predictable and recognizable reaction to errant contact and give your team the confidence to transition into out of system situations. Gonzalez's systematic progression begins with an overview of the behavioral and skill objectives of the training before proceeding to the skill set progression. Gonzalez takes you through a 7-drill progression using dig and cover, dig and set, and block and cover drills. He begins with 2-person dig and set and progresses up to a 5-person dig and set drill. Throughout each drill sequence, Gonzales shares coaching tips and strategies for transition that will assist you when working with your team. Learn how to make the most out of errant contacts and generate more out of system points.

35 minutes. 2009.

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