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Fundamentals for Volleyball Series

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Features & Benefits
  • Teach players to use appropriate footwork sequences for different situations
  • Learn fundamentals that will make a better hitter out of any player
  • Train players to master one of the most important skills in volleyball - passing!
  • Discover the four basic skills required to play effective individual defense
  • Build the correct fundamentals of the toss and hand contact
  • Learn techniques to improve your block - even if your players can't stuff block
Setting Fundamentals for VolleyballSetting Fundamentals for Volleyball
with Anne Kordes, University of Louisville Head Coach;
2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach

Learn from the University of Louisville's Head Coach, Anne Kordes, how to train your young volleyball players to master one of the most crucial skills in volleyball - setting. Just as a football team cannot be their best without a great quarterback, neither can any volleyball team be on top without a skilled setter!

In this video Coach Kordes explains the keys to teaching essential setter skills:

  • Ready position and Setting Posture - A good ready position posture enables setters to be loaded and use their legs to help them make good sets (especially when upper body strength is lacking as in younger players).
  • Footwork Sequences to Any Ball - Training various footwork options gives your setters the tools they need to get to any pass and put up a good set to the target.
  • Soft Hands for Clean Contact - Setters must use a clean contact to most effectively control the set.
  • Location on the Net - Based on the level of your team and setter, you may need to position your setter more centrally, or be able to position her more towards the right side. It is important that setters can release to the net in such a way as to be able to see the court and make a quality set to any target.

Coach Kordes demonstrates a number of drills you can bring into your gym to focus on each of these important aspects of setting. As younger players execute drills, Kordes teaches you how to add a level of competition to the drills in your practice plan.

If you coach young and/or inexperienced athletes, or even value "back to basics" opportunities with more advanced players, do not miss out on this great title. Add Setting Fundamentals for Volleyball to your training library, and teach your setters to make a quality set out of any pass their team puts up!

64 minutes. 2014.

Attacking Fundamentals for VolleyballAttacking Fundamentals for Volleyball
with Anne Kordes, University of Louisville Head Coach;
2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach

Volleyball players love to attack. Wouldn't it be great to have them do it correctly right from the start? Learn how to train beginning attackers with confidence.

Anne Kordes breaks down the attack into its various steps and then teaches it in a part-whole methodology. Coach Kordes shows the key points for progressing through the approach, hip, arm, wrist, jump, and finally, the location on the court.

Learn how to train athletes to gain momentum in the approach using explosive left - right - left footwork to get to the ball as well as how to successfully:

  • load with arms back on the final right - left steps
  • jump explosively, opening hips and shoulders to setter
  • lift lead arm and draw attack elbow back
  • snap close with both elbow and hip

After showing you how to train players in dynamic approach footwork, Coach Kordes creates an isolated environment in which players can learn proper arm swing, beginning from the loaded position and focusing on:

  • opening hips and shoulders
  • snapping closed with elbow and hip
  • snapping the wrist over the top of the ball to create topspin
  • following through on arm swing

As players become more consistent with the dynamic approach, their attacks will greatly improve. Add this step-by-step guide to your training library today and develop a strong attack in beginner volleyball players!

38 minutes. 2014.

Passing Fundamentals for VolleyballPassing Fundamentals for Volleyball
with Anne Kordes, University of Louisville Head Coach;
2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach

Louisville Head Coach Anne Kordes teaches you how to train young volleyball players to master one of the most important skills in the sport - passing. No matter what position an athlete plays, sound passing is essential to the success of any team!

As she goes through each aspect of the skill, Coach Kordes explains how and why she teaches various techniques. Throughout the DVD, you'll learn how best to instruct young athletes through:

  • Ready position - This will enable players to get to the ball more quickly.
  • Platform - This will ensure clean, even contact and minimize errors.
  • Footwork - This keeps players in a better position to push the ball forward on the pass.

Add to your practice plans with technically focused drills such as: Toss Passing Progressions; Four Direction Passing Drill; Deep Toss Passing Handoff; and Deep Toss Angular Passing. Coach Kordes also demonstrates two competitive passing drills to make passing more fun and to take it to a more competitive level in your gym.

If you're coaching young or inexperienced athletes or if you simply value "back to basics" moments with advanced players, do not miss the opportunity to add this great title to your training library. Your team will learn how to control every serve they receive.

47 minutes. 2014.

Individual Defense Fundamentals for VolleyballIndividual Defense Fundamentals for Volleyball
with Anne Kordes, University of Louisville Head Coach;
2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach

Do your young athletes think that only small players can play defense? Are they hesitant or afraid to go to the floor for a ball? Does your team ever struggle with proper platform and body posture when defending against different types of attacks? If so, don't miss the opportunity to learn from University of Louisville Head Coach Anne Kordes as she discusses how to fix these defensive problems and others.

Coach Kordes shares the essentials of being a strong defender including the willingness to get to the ball, go to the floor and play hard. She highlights the keys to sound defensive fundamentals sucxh as:

  • Ready body position and posture - This will enable players to get to the ball more quickly and more balanced
  • Platform - This creates clean, controlled contact when passing and digging
  • Executing Technique - Encourage players to approach every ball with confidence regardless of where it is on the court and where it's coming from

Learn how to put your athletes through a progression of drills including: Platform Series; Dig & Chase Run Through; Double Decker Defense; Competitive Defense; Survivor Game and Bring It Baby! In addition to player demos, Coach Kordes offerss tips on how to teach players to properly run drills themselves as well as helpful coaching hints for taking drills to a more competitive level.

If you've ever worked with young or inexperienced athletes or value a "back to basics" mindset even with advanced players, add this title to your training library immediately! As you put tips from Coach Kordes into action with your team, you will begin to see your players develop defensive instinct and confidence - two things crucial to defending against anything an opponent may throw at them!

62 minutes. 2014.

Serving Fundamentals for VolleyballServing Fundamentals for Volleyball
with Anne Kordes, University of Louisville Head Coach;
2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach

Anne Kordes breaks down the serve into the proper fundamental steps that allows you to teach any of the serving styles.

While this is geared at beginner servers, all levels could learn technique or two to make them a better player or coach. In this detail video, you will learn to:

  • Teach serving posture - Good posture of the arm, foot forward, weight transfer and arm swing is the most important of serving accuracy.
  • Target serving to be straight in front of server - Hitting a zone is based on controlling the serve and having it go straight. It also keeps the body in better form.
  • Serve to zones and reasons - While many teach hitting zones, Coach Kordes makes sure to explain why each zone has different importance and how it is important to serve for accuracy.

Coach Kordes gives you a number of drills that concentrate on the necessary skills to develop these fundamentals, while giving them goals and objectives in a competitive and fun atmosphere.

The game starts with the serve and it can end with the serve. Make sure your players know how to serve and successful attack the other team.

61 minutes. 2014.

Blocking Fundamentals for VolleyballBlocking Fundamentals for Volleyball
with Anne Kordes, University of Louisville Head Coach;
2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach

Novice blockers tend to think that their job is to get a stuff block that puts the ball down for the point. However, teams can benefit from accomplishing other important blocking goals, even when it may not look as glamorous to the crowd. Louisville Head Coach Anne Kordes takes the time to explain that blockers serve multiple purposes, including:

  • forcing the attacker to adjust with an off-speed shot or tip
  • funneling the attack toward your team's best defender
  • getting a touch to make the ball more playable

To help put players in the best position to achieve these goals and make the coveted stuff block, Coach Kordes offers a different take on the common "ball-setter-ball-hitter" sequence. In this DVD, players learn Coach Kordes' 5 R's of blocking:

  • Ready - both in a loaded position and at a good physical distance from the net
  • Recognize - what is about to develop in the opponent's court based on the pass
  • Read - the trajectory of the set (is it going to bring the hitter in or push her out?)
  • Respond - to the hitter's body (is she going to swing line or cross?)
  • Remember - tendencies hitters may have (does she like to hit cross?)

This pattern teaches blockers how align the block with the hitter by reading the opponents attack.

Coach Kordes discusses how to train blockers in the use of:

  • Proper footwork - Kordes teaches the 3-step versus the shuffle-step pattern. These footwork patterns will help players to move quickly into position in a loaded manner, so they can be up in time to effectively block the attack.
  • Big, strong hands - A strong shoulder and core enables blockers to press over and draw out the block as long as possible for most effectiveness.

To drive these techniques home before putting it all together, Coach Kordees has players demonstrate different drills and progressions including the Push-Off Step Drill, Mirror Drill and Jump and Grab Drill.

While geared at beginners, the fundamentals shared in this DVD are good review for all players. By using these techniques, your players will develop strong blocking fundamentals as well as confidence at the net. Soon enough, your team will no longer consistent of beginner volleyball players but rather formidable blockers that no opponent can best!

50 minutes. 2014.

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