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Middle Distance Drills: The Best of British Track & Field

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  • Train safer and run better middle distance events with improved strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Effectively prepare your athletes for training with dynamic stretching exercises
  • Improve movement patterns and add core strength for running posture
with John Nuttall,
2012 Great Britain Olympic Track Team Assistant Coach (Middle/Long distance);
Head Coach for Endurance Performance, Loughborough University England

Middle distance running presents unique challenges for speed and endurance training. The highly successful conditioning program that John Nuttall has developed is designed to help you lead your middle distance runners to better form through improved strength, flexibility and endurance, which ultimately allows the athlete to go faster longer. Coach Nuttall begins with a dynamic stretching program. The goal of this 12-exercise progression is to gently load the joints in preparation for training. His middle distance drill instruction is divided into walking drills and running drills. Nuttall's objective is to improve movement patterns through strengthening the hips, gluts and hamstrings. A sequence of nine progressive drills, with and without a medicine ball, adds a core strength component as well as postural accountability. Nuttall also shares single leg drive sequences that challenges the athlete to maintain postural form with different transitions as well as build up drills that focus on getting to and maintaining race speed. This conditioning program is certain to assist you in meeting speed and endurance training challenges with improved middle distance performance.

48 minutes. 2009.

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