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  • Over 30 drills and progressions that will have your athletes soaring to new heights
  • Over 40 drills for successful long and triple jumping
  • Over 45 basic to advanced drills that will keep your throwing practices fresh all season long
  • Learn how to maximize the benefits that your athletes receive from their warm-up
Mega Drills High JumpMega Drills High Jump
with Sheldon Blockburger,
University of Arizona Assistant Coach;
has coached five National Champions in the jumps and multi-events

Unlock your jumping potential with over 30 drills and progressions!

Sheldon Blockburger takes you through a series of progressive teaching skills and drills ideal for teaching your high jumpers how to make their approach more consistent, learn proper take-off technique, get a more consistent bar clearance and to increase their overall strength and speed! These are the same proven drills Blockburger has used to train five National Champions in the jumps and multi-events.

Coach Blockburger does an excellent job of breaking down the drills and explaining both how to do them and their application to high jumping. Numerous slow motion clips and visual notes help explain teaching and coaching points for the drills. These drills can be used in and out of season to get your jumpers stronger, faster and ultimately jumping higher.

Learn a series of four Approach Drills that can be used as a warm-up to save you valuable practice time. These drills include the Serpentine and the Figure 8 which teach proper posture, rhythm and running form. You'll get five layout drills, including the fun Dolphin Drill which train your athletes how to achieve that perfect arch in their back.

Next up is a series of drills that teach the proper 'J' approach. Using the Scissors and the Somersault drills, your athlete will develop proper take-off and layout at the top of the bar. You also get a group of technique drills to put the approach and jump together to achieve the best possible vertical takeoff position.

Plyometrics take center stage as you are guided through a series of 11 drills that not only develop overall strength, but coordination as well. Blockburger goes through a series of skipping, box, and hurdle drills specific to his jumpers that promote the strength and jumping ability needed to be successful. There is also a set of stadium stair drills that will not only get you stronger, they will get your heart pumping as well.

Finally, Blockburger takes you into the weight room to demonstrate a comprehensive set of Dynamic Strength Drills. These creative lifts cover the entire body and include the flexion walk among others will help you get the best out of your jumpers.

Included are numerous coaching points (in graphic format) which help emphasize the demonstrations being shown. This DVD simplifies one of the most technically demanding events into an easy to follow set of progressive teaching steps.

54 minutes. 2012.

Mega Drills for the Horizontal JumpsMega Drills for the Horizontal Jumps
with Cliff Rovelto, Kansas State University Director of Cross Country and Track & Field;
USA Track & Field Master Coach - Jumps; 7x Team USA staff member; 2001 U.S. Track Coaches Association Women's Outdoor National Coach of the Year, 5x Midwest Region Coach of the Year; 2001 USTCA Women's Outdoor National Coach of the Year; 2x Big 12 Conference Women's Outdoor Coach of the Year

USA Track & Field Master Coach Cliff Rovelto takes you through over 40 drills used to develop stronger and faster horizontal jumpers. Athletes and coaches will benefit from this outline for creating more power and force into the ground, which creates a more consistent approach and a longer jump.

This DVD is packed full of coaching advice and drills that are both easy to understand and clear in their instruction.

Coach Rovelto breaks down his teaching method into two areas:

  • Drills for the Approach - The goal of any horizontal jumper is to develop the maximum controllable speed on the runway that can still allow for a controllable takeoff. These drills vary from working on the rhythm of your approach to building up to your max controllable speed.
  • Drills for the Landing - Rovelto shows you how most athletes land and how to correct that to land in a more efficient manner. You'll learn how to land "active," which promotes the greatest possible extension when landing. This extension can increase your jump six to eight inches or more, the difference between making the finals and going home early.

Some of the drills presented include wall run, rollover start, step-step-jump, hurdle mobility, straight leg hops and continuous pop-offs. You will begin to see the importance of perfecting these skills before progressing into actual jumping. Coach Rovelto covers such topics as: Acceleration, the drive phase, and maximum velocity mechanics.

Also included is a series of triple jump drills that teach proper triple jump technique, which includes a hop series, step series, and combination series. These drills can also be used to develop overall strength in your jumpers.

Rovelto also shares ideas on how to set-up workouts and competition strategies.

As with all of Coach Rovelto's instructional DVD's, this video is one of the best to help the horizontal jumper and/or coach set up a progressive training approach in a very easy to follow format. Whether you are a beginning or advanced coach or athlete, there is plenty to learn from this well produced and easy to understand video, which makes this a much needed addition to any track & field training library.

42 minutes. 2012.

Mega Drills for the DiscusMega Drills for the Discus
with John Ridgway Central Michigan University Throws Coach; USATF Level 2 certified coach
and Greg Pilling, Dynamo Throws Club Coach, former CMU discus thrower, Mid-American Conference record holder

Take a step-by-step look at an effective teaching progression and the drills needed to become a champion discus thrower at any level. With live demonstrations from three throwers, you will see three different throwing styles in action.

This video offers nearly two hours of valuable information and an extensive array of drills. Listen in as Level 2 Certified Coach John Ridgeway explains how to teach the discus from start to finish.

The list of exercises in this video is so comprehensive that it will allow coaches to infuse fresh material in nearly every practice.

Hot topics include skip drills, blocking techniques, right-side acceleration drills, rotation drills, plyometric exercises and medicine ball drills. Coach Ridgeway breaks down the goals of a successful discus throw into a simple, but easy to follow lesson plan for the coach:

  • The Grip
  • Beginner Drills
  • The Release
  • Ankle Pivot
  • Linear Motion
  • Rotational Transition
  • Balance
  • Accelerated Movement
  • Rhythm
  • Technique
A few of the drills introduced include: The Two Finger Pendulum Drill, Skips Drill, Ankle Turns, Knee Tuck Drill, and the Artificial Orbit-Half Turn Drill. You will also see how implementing a javelin or other straight bar into many of the drills helps to emphasize the importance of proper body alignment.

This video includes video footage of elite athletes demonstrating the proper technique for each drill.

Utilizing heavy weighted discs, 35 lb. weight throws, and med balls, Ridgeway delivers discus-specific strength drills to get your athletes discus-strong and meet-ready.

This detailed, straight forward video will provide you with the drills you need to keep your practices fresh, deliver a variety of approaches to coaching your throws and most importantly add distance to your throws.


Mega Drills for the Sprints and HurdlesMega Drills for the Sprints and Hurdles
with Cliff Rovelto, Kansas State University Head Track and Field Coach;
USTFCCCA National Coach of the Year; 5x Midwest Region Coach of the Year; Coach of Olympic Silver Medalist, Erik Kynard

Athletes often become stale during the season from repetitive routines and an excess of event-specific exercises. Cliff Rovelto teaches over 50 different drills that will inject necessary balance and variation into practices. Using proper technique and strength development as his guide, Coach Rovelto elaborates on every detail within his diverse library of drills and exercises.

Warm-Up Drills
Discover the necessary components to include within each warm up, and how these work together to create a specific effect. Coach Rovelto offers a collection of his most effective drills, and the information needed to provide the perfect balance between consistency, variation and specificity for each practice.

Hurdle Mobility Drills
Targeting the mobility of the hips is extremely important for all athletes, and Coach Rovelto shows you how to effectively use hurdles as barriers to work through greater ranges of motion. You will learn which drills would be better used for the warm up, as well as which drills are purposed for the cool down.

Sprint Drills
This segment focuses on Coach Rovelto's arsenal of drills to develop quality contact with the ground. Straight Leg Bounds, Alternate Walking Lunges, and Backwards Running drills will greatly diminish the chances of hamstring injuries. Using meticulous descriptions and exceptional demonstrations, Coach Rovelto gives the details and proper techniques associated with each drill.

Acceleration Drills
Learning how to establish and maintain quality contact with the ground can be one of the hardest skills for a coach to teach their athletes. Coach Rovelto shares a wide array of drills and exercises that will greatly improved each athlete's ability to accelerate. With these unique and transcendent techniques in hand, as well as the information needed to most effectively implement them, you can plan on blowing away the competition.

Hurdle Drills
Get an exclusive look at the hurdle-specific drills that propelled Jeffrey Julmis to the 2012 London Olympic Games. Through a series of hurdle drills, Coach Rovelto shows you how to adapt sprint drills for your hurdlers. To make your hurdlers as successful as possible, he shares both the details of the drills as well as the philosophy behind them. Most importantly, you will learn how seldom use of event-specificity in practice can result in phenomenal performances when it counts.

Multiple Jump Training
Coach Rovelto goes over a wide array of exercises that will dramatically increase your athletes' power and explosiveness. The presentation is extremely detailed, ensuring that you will learn how to best teach this one-of-a-kind set of exercises. You will learn how to most effectively time these exercises throughout the course of a season, too, leaving no stone unturned.

Warm Down
See how to safely and effectively warm your athletes down after any workout. Coach Rovelto covers the importance of emptying waste production from the body, as well as taking advantage of this time to improve your athletes' range of motion.

This DVD is a must-have for teaching both proper technique and providing a wealth of drills and activities to keep athletes interested and learning. From a coach wanting to learn the basics of the sprints and hurdles to coaches looking for a series of drills for a specific sprint or hurdle issue, Coach Rovelto covers all your needs in more than 60 minutes worth of drills.

67 minutes. 2014.

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