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with Marcus O'Sullivan,
Villanova Head Track & Field and Head Men's Cross Country Coach,
4 X Olympian, 3 X World Champion,
100 Sub 4-minute miles in a 15 year pro career,
voted NCAA National Cross Country Coach of the Year in 1998.

One of the sport's most successful runner turned coach, Marcus O'Sullivan's mastery and understanding of Lactate Threshold Training for middle distance and distance runners has made him one of the most sought after clinicians in the country! O'Sullivan has a special gift of taking the science of physiology and translating it into easy-to-understand terminology, which can be applied to all levels. The key to threshold training is getting a firm grasp on the energy systems. In Part 1, O'Sullivan explains the basic physiology of the Phosphate System, the Oxygen System, and the Lactate System. With a basic understanding of these systems, you will be able to identify the threshold "line" that is the key element in prescribing appropriate training on an individual basis for each athlete. The athletes' appropriate pace is then determined by using heart rate as well as time formulas. Marcus leaves "no stone unturned" as he includes strategies for training that are systems appropriate. He will share with you a workout plan that will include the frequency and volume of a threshold workout, ultimately leading to less injury and the avoidance of overtraining. This video gives you the tools to incorporate a science with practicality for your athletes!

51 minutes. 2006.

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