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Coaching Jumpers: Planning Guide For Success

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with Jim VanHootegem,
Texas A & M Assistant Coach (Jumps);
Mondo Regional Assistant Coach of the Year

Systematic training is an overall key to success for Coach VanHootegem. Benefits of developing a system are instilling a standard of performance through your system. This is a key tool for coaching and de-personalizes the criticism that athletes receive. Their performance is always compared to the standard of performance and not the coach's bias. Athletes will buy in to the system because it has been proven to be successful with past athletes. Past successes with this program enable current athletes to completely buy into the system.VanHootegen's multi-system approach also includes event training and commonality training. The yearly plan is divided into three periods: the general prep phase, specific prep phase and the championship phase. Each of these periods is broken down month-by-month and activity-by-activity. The off-season period is important because athletes need a physical and emotional break. Other areas presented include raining running cycles, the weekly plan, training template, warm-up exercises and rest and recovery. This DVD concludes with an impressive array of 60 different warm-up exercises for jumpers!

66 minutes. 2007.

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Coaching Jumpers: Planning Guide For Success
on February 29, 2008
by MatthewManfred658

Please don't buy this video. The great things that are talked about in the info for it are glossed over very quickly and then you have to sit through 50 minutes of Coach VanHootegem showing two poor kids from some gym class how to do "an impressive aray of 60 different warm-up exercises" that I found shockingly useless. He does NOT use jumpers for examples and even if they could do what he asks correctly (they can't) it would still be pointless. The picture on the cover of the DVD actually shows a high jumper knocking the bar off and that sums it up pretty well. There are plenty of good videos available through Championship Productions. Try something else.

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