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Becoming a Champion Sprinter - Beyond the Basics

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  • Develop more explosiveness out of your starts
  • Learn how to run a faster first 30 meters
  • Improve your relay exchange techniques
with Ken Harnden,
Florida State University Assistant Coach (Sprints);
2005 NCAA National Assistant Coach of the Year (Sprints)

Ken Harnden takes athletes to the next level in our latest addition of our best selling Becoming a Champion instructional DVD series.

Coach Harnden begins with an 11-exercise functional warm-up that incorporates flexibility and prepares the muscles and joints for the rigors of sprint training. The warm-up leads into hurdle drills where Harnden takes you through six drills that are critical areas for developing sprint mechanics.

In Part 3: Block Starts, Harnden offers a technical breakdown for all aspects of the start that include proper block placement, "take your mark positioning" and for the set position. Harnden shares positioning cues to assure proper arm and shoulder alignment, as well as checks for proper leg positioning, all of which are essential for a successful transition from the start into the drive phase. Harnden also covers the essentials of the drive phase that covers the first 25-30 meters of the sprint. In Part 4) Sprint drills, Harnden shows drills to train the sprinter to transition from the shorter steps of the drive phase into the longer strides as the distance of the sprint increases.

In Part 5) Sprint strategy, Harnden demonstrates invaluable performance tips from the blocks through the finish of a race. He also touches on the proper technique for the 4x400 and 4x100 relay exchanges. Harnden closes with weight room exercises, breaking down the specifics of three Olympic lifts along with a 4-exercise stability ball routine. These help develop both explosive power and core strength, essential for sprint success.

30 minutes. 2007.

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