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Becoming a Champion Shot Putter - Beyond the Basics!

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  • Great for shot putters at all levels
  • Get proven rotational shot put progressions that simplifies learning
  • Learn drills to teach and correct every phase of the skill
with Harlis Meaders,
Florida State University Associate Head Coach

From stepping into the circle to the follow through of the throw, Florida State Throws coach Harlis Meaders provides a comprehensive step-by-step technical and drill progression for the Rotational Shot Put. Not only does Coach Meaders provide the "how" of each phase of his instruction, he provides the "why," that immerses his instruction with purpose. In addition, he uses a former-FSU All-American athlete, to give you a clear demonstration on the proper fundamentals for the event.

Meaders begins with footwork, stance and body positioning in the circle without the shot. From that position, you will see a series of pivot drills that progress from a quarter pivot to half, three-quarters and then to the full pivot. Meaders demonstrates stick drills to give you a clear visual cue to help train proper positioning of the non-throwing arm with the knee during the rotation.

Progressing with the rotation, Meaders shows you specific drills that include unique visual props to train your throwers to stay in the ally of the circle. He includes ball drills to teach proper positioning of the body at the front of the circle before the throw and release occur.

Prior to bringing the shot to the drill progression, Meaders presents a technical breakdown of the throw mechanics and the three determining factors for achieving the most distance in a throw. With the shot, adding Meaders moves from standing throws through the South African drills and into full throws. Meaders fine tunes the full throw and presents specific instruction for the reverse, or follow through, that enables the thrower to remain in the circle after the throw occurs. Throughout the instruction, Meaders provides invaluable tips that will assist both thrower and coach to identify and correct errors in every phase of the throw. This instruction is perfect for throwers and coaches looking to find the "extras" that will aid in significantly increasing distance.

47 minutes. 2007.

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