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Becoming a Champion Pole Vaulter - Beyond the Basics

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  • Features a 5-phase pole vault technical breakdown
  • Use vivid word cues allows for effective comprehension
  • See Pole vault event footage breakdown and analysis
with Pat Licari,
University of Washington Jumpers and Vaulters Coach

Coach Pat Licari breaks down the pole vault skill set into five technique areas.

  • Part 1: Pole Carry and Approach, Coach Licari details the two most common pole grips: the sticky and the chalk style grip. He teaches proper grip width and how to make adjustments based on how you hold the pole. He then moves into pole carry position on the initial step and approach before discussing the lift, flip and reach manuevrer in preparation for the pole drip. Licari includes details on finding your step in the runway, marking the steps and runway adjustments. Licari next shows the proper pole drop technique followed with instruction for the lift, flip and reach technique that includes stationary and moving drills of the skill.
  • Part 2: Plant and Take-off, Licari shows how to execute the proper plant and drive into the pit without a swing. Licari offers tips for fine-tuning grip adjustments to prefect the plant and take-off.
  • Part 3: Chest Drive and Swing, Licari shares precise breakdown for how best to "groove a feel" for the proper chest drive and swing. Part 4: Shoulder Drop and Push-off; Licari demonstrates the skill on the ground to assist the vaulter in understanding what movements will take place in flight. Part 5: Bar Clearance, Licari shares unique drills on the ground that will assist in assuring you a hollowed-out body position that will facilitate a fluid roll over the bar before the arm lift.
In each of the five areas of this instruction, Licari breaks down actual meet footage with still shots and slow motion so that each area of the pole vault is clearly understood.

42 minutes. 2007.

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