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  • Develop sprint speed and power with over 130 exercises
  • See how Auburn sprinters train with drills out of the water
  • Add speed with unique in the water drills
with Richard Quick,
former Auburn Head Coach,
and Brett Hawke, Auburn University Head Coach,
and Bryan Karkoska, Auburn Strength Coach

Packed with over 130 exercises/drills, this presentation gives you a firsthand look at how Auburn sprinters train both in and out of the pool to develop the explosive speed and power that defines Auburn sprinting. This presentation begins in the weight room with Strength Coach Bryan Karkoska, whose ongoing creativity in developing explosive sprint speed factors greatly in Auburn's sprint dominance. His four-part dryland program begins with more than 30 Core Development exercises/variations. In part two, Upper Body Strength & Plyometrics and part three Lower Body Strength & Plyometrics, Karkoska shares an additional 40 exercises that develop explosiveness in the extremities. Part four, Weights, includes more than 30 weight training exercises and a pull-up and rope climbing series. This dryland program utilizes body weight, dumbbell, medicine ball, ab wheel and barbell exercises and includes recommendations for lesser-developed athletes up to elite athletes. In the pool, Hawke presents more than 30 innovate drills - demonstrated by 2008 Olympic medalists Fred Bousquet and Cesar Cielo - that exude explosiveness and speed for helping you develop a faster fast with your sprinters.

91 minutes. 2008.

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