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Cross Training with Dryland and Weight Training for the Everyday Athlete

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by Bradley Burget and John Coffman

Cross Training through Dryland and Weight Training gives you the tools to build a seasonal plan that prepares you for increased physical strength and stability starting with your core.

The main goal of deck-based dryland (or simply "dryland") within this program is to increase the overall density of work performed and to increase general working capacities. Another term for this is GPP, or General Physical Preparedness. A high level of GPP will not only increase general fitness, but help facilitate recovery from swim and weight training and, in all, bring your ability to train in the water to a higher level. Increasing your GPP will lead to faster swimming!

Multiple qualities can be addressed with a well designed dryland program. Overall GPP can be enhanced through improvements in energy system efficiency, strength (general and core), power output, mobility, flexibility and balance.

The goal of this program is not to lay out a cookie-cutter, year-long program, but to give you the tools to set up dryland work, improve some of the basic qualities of GPP, and some general guidelines to evaluate dryland abilities and progression.

Dryland workout examples are included, as is a full 7-week dryland taper program.

The Cross Training is taken right from Section 6 of Faster Swimming.

87 pages. 2010.

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