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Features & Benefits
  • Learn creative and competitive drills that will develop consistent slap hitters
  • Learn drill progressions to improve footwork, throwing, ground balls and fly balls for outfielders
  • Take advantage of hitters with bat path issues
Creating the Complete Slap HitterCreating the Complete Slap Hitter
with Kyla Holas, University of Houston Head Coach;
2x Conference USA Coach of the Year;
3x All American at Louisiana-Lafayette

Establish solid fundamentals and utilize drills to make your slappers more versatile and effective against all defenses.

Starting with footwork and the all-important first step, then going through timing all the way to follow-through, University of Houston, Kyla Holas explains the fundamentals of slap hitting and delivers the drills that improve mechanics and ball path.

Get your slappers "hitting while running" instead of running while hitting - and see what a difference it makes in their effectiveness. Hit through the 5-6 hole, create high bouncers, hit at specific targets in the infield and outfield-and drop that killer bunt (with one hand or two!)-all with the techniques and approaches shared by Coach Holas.

You'll learn the elements of the contact slap, the power slap, and the drop bunt. You'll understand the role of the hands, and how the hands make the difference between a contact slapper and a power slapper. And you'll develop the most dangerous slap hitters using numerous drills, including: Catch & Throw; Phase; Double Ball; Extension Tee; Bouncy Balls, Dots, Nets In Outfield, Challenge Drill; Lacrosse Stick Drill; and a culminating "Tee-Toss-Live" progression that covers bunt, contact slap and power slap.

In addition, Holas delivers the basics of baserunning. Learn to take every inch your opponent will give you. Holas explains and demonstrates the essentials for running paths at each base, leads, infield reads, outfield reads, tag ups and 1st & 3rd situations. Create smart, aggressive base runners!

This combination of slap hitting and base running will help you turn up the run production this season!

45 minutes. 2012.

Creating the Complete OutfielderCreating the Complete Outfielder
with Kyla Holas, University of Houston Head Coach;
2x Conference USA Coach of the Year;
3x All American at Louisiana-Lafayette

Make more impact plays in the outfield this season!

Kyla Holas presents drills and coaching exercises that will create impact outfielders capable of making game changing plays. Coach Holas divides the tape into three areas.

Footwork & Throwing
Beginning with throwing basics, Holas demonstrates a basic box drill to work on arm slot and footwork; critical elements in creating a strong, accurate throw every time. She then adds a ground ball progression that incorporates fielding into the fundamentals of the throw. From there she demonstrates the quarterback drill that works on the drop step with different ball paths (straight back, diagonal, across and in front).

Ground Ball Progressions
See various progressions to build forehand and backhand skills that will create good angles to the ball allowing your athletes to make an efficient and accurate throw. You'll also see practice ideas to train communication skills for tweeners, as well as exercises for throwing out a runner in "do or die situations," and the proper way to complete fence pick-ups to quickly get the ball to the base.

Fly Balls
Holas shows a fly ball progression to train proper fundamentals for routine flies, balls hit overhead, fly balls near the fence, and balls hit into the sun. In addition, you will learn the proper form for diving for fly balls. Discover strategies for safely training the art of diving and eliminate the fear of landing.

Prepare your outfielders for any situation they will face this season!

42 minutes. 2012.

Creating an Effective Screw Ball and Curve BallCreating an Effective Screw Ball and Curve Ball
with Kyla Holas, University of Houston Head Coach;
2x Conference USA Coach of the Year;
3x All American at Louisiana-Lafayette

The screw ball is one of the hottest pitches in softball! While it's easy to learn, it can cause problems if thrown incorrectly. Houston's Kyla Holas breaks down a comprehensive list of basic fundamentals and drills that your pitchers can use to develop a safe and effective curve ball and screw ball.

Starting from the fast ball position (to avoid tipping the hitter), Coach Holas covers the basic philosophy of the grip, the appropriate axis for the ball, the proper leg path and weight shift, head angle and arm mechanics to throw each pitch.

Holas implements many pitching tools that all coaches have handy to help with the development of her pitchers. She demonstrates with a small football to show the grip, axis, spin and arm movement for the screw ball, as well as a similar drill with a flying disc for the curve ball. Halas uses live demonstrators for each drill so you can see the mechanics in motion and to show you necessary check points to ensure that proper form and technique are being followed.

Using a variety of common equipment, Holas shows how your pitchers can use their footwork and momentum to deliver your pitch. She demonstrates proper release points and balance for the pitches and shows how to gauge accuracy and the break of the ball.

The screw ball and curve ball can become "go to" or strike out pitches if learned and thrown safely. By implementing these drills into your pitchers daily work outs you will see improvements and increase the productivity of your pitchers in no time. These drills can be utilized by the beginning pitcher as well as the experienced pitcher. A must get tutorial on the curve and screw ball!

51 minutes. 2012.

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