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Fran Troyan Coaching Softball 2-Pack

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Features & Benefits
  • Watch a "guided tour" of a live Lehigh softball practice featuring coaching insights from Fran Troyan (575 career wins)
  • Develop a balanced, athletic stance to launch a powerful and consistent swing
All Access: Running an Efficient Softball PracticeAll Access: Running an Efficient Softball Practice
with Fran Troyan, Lehigh University Head Coach;
over 575 career victories; 4x Patriot League Coach of the Year; he has led Lehigh to 14 Patriot League regular season titles (including 11 straight titles from 1999 to 2009), nine tournament crowns, and eight NCAA Tournament appearances.

Form an efficient, highly effective practice plan using insights and ideas from 4x Patriot League Coach of the Year Fran Troyan.

Coach Troyan walks you through one of his practices showing you how to make the most of your practice time. This practice includes hitting, base running, catching, pitching, infield, outfield drills and live situations all in less than two hours!

Listen in as Troyan reveals his philosophies on practice and practice planning, explaining the importance of keeping practices short and getting the best out of his student-athletes. Throughout the practice, Troyan narrates the drills he is executing and reveals what he's doing and why.

Practice kicks-off with a brief warm-up routine, and then the team moves right into base running. With players executing leads at each base, pitchers throw to catchers working on blocking. The practice includes a four corner throwing drill, defensive position work, and outfielders working on throws to bases.

Station work includes:

  • Infielders taking different types of ground balls.
  • Hitting drills off of tees, a machine, and front toss.
  • Speed and agility drills.

While the stations are running, pitchers work with the catchers on pre-game pitching drills and outfielders take the field and practice ground balls, fly balls, communication, and robbing home runs. The team comes back together to work on live situations with the batters to close the practice.

Coach Troyan keeps all of his players engaged and active with minimal help. He covers virtually every aspect of the game in less than two hours.

This is a great video for coaches who are short on practice time and short on staff. It will be especially appealing to coaches at younger age levels looking to run a short practice that covers a lot of skills.

95 minutes. 2013.

All Access videos are designed to allow viewers from all over the world to see how successful coaches run their practices in a "live" practice setting. All Access videos allow viewers to see the practices un-edited and in real-time. You will see how top coaches run their drills, interact with their team and staff, how they motivate their team, the cue words they use, the atmosphere of the practice and how practices are structured from day to day. Many coaches visit successful colleges and high schools to watch practice. But if you live out of state or out of the country, visiting another coach's practice can be costly. That's why we created the All Access Practice Series of videos -- to bring the practices to you!

8 Steps to Successful Contact at the Plate8 Steps to Successful Contact at the Plate
with Fran Troyan, Lehigh University Head Coach;
over 575 career victories; 4x Patriot League Coach of the Year; he has led Lehigh to 14 Patriot League regular season titles (including 11 straight titles from 1999 to 2009), nine tournament crowns, and eight NCAA Tournament appearances.

Longtime Lehigh Head Coach Fran Troyan delivers an 8-step hitting progression that has made his Mountain Hawks fearsome hitters and consistent winners. Followng these progressions, Lehigh ranked in the Top 15 nationally in slugging percentage in 2014 (.426). In addition, Lehigh has led the Patroit League in hitting 7 of the last 9 years (2006-14) and Coach Troyan has developed seven of the last nine league batting champions during that time frame.

Coach Troyan takes you through his hitting progression and fully explains each step. The progression creates a balanced, explosive swing from start to finish. You will get everything a batter needs before the pitch arrives: A good mental approach, an effective stance, perfect grip, hand position and coil.

Hit the ball where it's placed using essential hip pivots and learn how to develop the Power V to get optimum energy through your swing.

Coach Troyan has a former player demonstrate each step and includes five essential drills to help hitters feel the important points of the eight steps. These drills break down and train the critical phases of the swing.

You will see how Troyan uses video with his team as he takes you, pitch-by-pitch, through several at-bats from a recent game. He uses slow motion to show the eight steps of his hitting progression and explains what he likes and what needs to be improved in each player's swing.

Coach Troyan incorporates the basic fundamentals of the swing into his 8-step hitting progression to deliver a clear road map of all the steps required to successfully hit the softball.

61 minutes. 2013.

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