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  • Learn a defensive routine that will develop the quick movements you need to be successful on game day
  • Learn the best feed to use to a base depending on the location of the ball
  • Field back hands and forehands using a step-over technique that will help your players to increase their range and get to more balls
  • Teach your outfielders to be more efficient with their throws
with Lonni Alameda, Florida State University Head Coach;
2011 ACC Tournament Champs;Canadian National Team Assistant Coach; former UNLV Head Coach, 2x MWC Coach of the Year; 2x All Big 8 softball player at Oklahoma

Teach your players how to get the ball to base faster and get the out.

Lonni Alameda shows you a variety of full team infield flips, feeds and tag drills that will help improve your team defense. She introduces an innovative, nine-part drill aimed at developing and practicing body control, a skill necessary for overall athleticism. In using Coach Alameda's flips and feeds drill, your team can work on multiple fundamental skills, while practicing at a fast pace with full participation and communication.

Flips and Feeds Drill
Coach Alameda introduces the mechanics of the flips and feeds drill and has her team perform the drill. There are nine different variations within the flips and feeds drill, and each works on different skills players may need to execute in typical game situations. The over hand throw, the underhand toss and the side arm throw are all used and practiced in these drills.

These skills are important for body control, a major component of athleticism. Developing athleticism in a team should be a goal of every coach, as an athletic player can often make difficult plays with relative ease.

Team Defense
The Team Defense segment begins with a team throwing drill, which leads into defensive work for all positions. Your infielders, as well as your pitchers, will receive many types of ground balls and make throws to all the bases using these drills. Outfielders work on cutting off balls hit down the line.

The same skills that were being developed in the flips and feeds drills are used during the team defense segment. These skills are vital to a solid, championship-level defense.

These drills will teach your players the physical skills necessary to succeed on the softball field, while also incorporating competition, teamwork, and communication.

67 minutes. 2013.

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Flips, Feeds and Fundamentals
on February 5, 2014
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
3/5 Stars

by WillFoote918

This is a solid disc with some insightful parts but there isn't anything ground shaking here either. The coach has a charming rapport with her team and she shows some drills that are fairly efficient. A good place for a new coach not familiar with the game to start but not for a more advanced coach.

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