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with Crystl Bustos, 3x US Olympic Medalist (2 Gold and a Silver); 3x Pan American Gold Medalist; 2008 USA Softball Player of the Year; holds the record for most home runs during an Olympic Series (6)

If you have been to a Got Bustos? Camp or clinic or used Crystl's Hitting Skills and Drills DVD and notice there are still some things not working the way you want, then this is the DVD for you!

Crystl goes over different scenarios explaining the outcome you may have noticed and lets the player know why the outcome you noticed happens. From "dipping your shoulder" which she explains is actually not clearing your back elbow to hitting those long, sky high foul balls that encourage everyone in the stands to yell "now just straighten it out" Crystl now explains why those things happen, what you can do to help fix the problem and which drills to go back and work on again.

Unfortunately not everyone can have Crystl in their hometown for a camp, clinic or private lessons, but with the help of this series of DVD's Crystl has put together players, parents and coaches can now have access to the information used by Crystl that helped her achieve her place in the record books.

76 minutes. 2012.

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