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  • Plan workouts and drills that will help your pitchers baffle opposing hitters
  • Throw your fastball harder, which will make your other pitches more effective
  • Develop accuracy and movement for each pitch in your arsenal
  • Mix up your pitching workouts to challenge your pitchers' minds and bodies
With Kyla Holas, University of Houston Head Coach;
holds the most wins in Conference USA history;2x Conference USA Coach of the Year; 4x Conference USA champions; 3x All American at Louisiana-Lafayette

Kyla Holas presents a series of pitching workouts and the various options within them that will get your pitchers in top form for the start of the season.

Coach Holas begins by discussing how she plans pitching workouts using a calendar and working backwards, while keeping in mind her objectives for the pitching staff. From there, she is able to plan out her practices and track the number of pitches her pitchers throw each day and each week to ensure they will be at their best for every game.

Coach Holas discusses the six types of pitching workouts.

  • Accuracy
  • Fundamentals
  • Movement
  • Speed
  • Drills
  • Conditioning

For each workout, Coach Holas starts in the classroom and describes each drill. She then moves to the field and has one of her pitchers perform the drills and activities.

To explain the drills, Coach Holas has her pitcher demonstrate. The drills use items such as a balance beam, balance board, foot box, Power Drive, poles, cones, and tees. She also discusses the contents of a bucket that she gives to each of her pitchers at the beginning of the year. The bucket includes thirteen items such as balls of different size and weight, a Frisbee, football, sock ball, double ball, spinner, towel, and more.

All in all, Coach Holas introduces over 30 drills and demonstrates 20 items and pieces of equipment that she uses in her pitching workouts.

This DVD will be a valuable resource for coaches at all levels looking to find better workouts to fully develop their pitching staff.

67 minutes. 2013.

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Ratings & Reviews

Dynamic Pitching Workouts
on January 31, 2016
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
5/5 Stars

by WillFoote918

Coach Holas has come up with a terrific disc. This is well worth the money. Lots of drills for accuracy, drive and building pitching endurance. She goes over a set of useful tools (the pitching bucket) that will help develop your pitchers and provides a sound philosophy for the workout options she offers. One of the best pitching videos out their for a staff workout for the non-pitching coach. I highly recommend this disc.

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