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Features & Benefits
  • Learn how to improve the fitness level of your players
  • See how conditioning with a ball makes training realistic and fun
  • Discover how to maintain good touch late in the game when players are fatigued
  • Learn how increasing your team's speed and agility will enable your players to get by defenders and make it difficult for defenders to recover
with Brent Ridenour, Ohio Northern University Head Men's Coach;
2012 NCAA D-III National Runner-Up; 2012 Ohio Athletic Conference Champions; 8x OAC Champions, 4x OAC Coach of the Year; 2011 and 2012 NSCAA Great Lakes Regional Coach of the Year

This season, make sure that your team is the fittest team on the field...every game!

If you're looking for exercises to enhance technical skills and conditioning, this is the DVD for you. Brent Ridenour, coach of the 2012 D-III National Runner-Up Ohio Northern Men's Soccer Team, divides his presentation into three segments, showing you exercises and games that work on the same fitness components that players use in game situations.

Ball Control Fitness
The dribbling exercises in this segment will enhance your players' touches on the ball. Coach Ridenour shows you how to simulate late game "heavy legs" and presents exercises that will help train your players to maintain a good touch late in the game when they are fatigued.

See how you can change the pace of players' movements to imitate the various situations they will face in a match. The pace can be a walk, jog or sprint at any given moment. Coach Ridenour also gives you ideas on how to change the size of the grid depending on the fitness level you are trying to achieve.

Speed & Agility
Coach Ridenour demonstrates speed and agility exercises with the ball that will increase your players' chances of beating the opponent on and off the ball. Improving speed and agility allow your team to move with more confidence and create game-changing plays.

Pass/Receive Exercises
Get clear, concise training that will improve players' passing and receiving touch when they start to get tired. Coach Ridenour shows you exercises for alternating touch, changing pace, and forcing players to use their weak foot to make it tougher for the opposition to defend them. Add more variety to the drill with turns, as well. You'll also get drills to keep your passes crisp and accurate.

Make fitness fun with these exercises from Brent Ridenour. Workouts will be more enjoyable and players will put more effort into them.

45 minutes. 2013.

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