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Steve McCrath Soccer 2-Pack

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  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the 3-5-2 in order to use it effectively
  • Use the "Skill Cauldron" to get many touches in a short period of time and improve technical abilities

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Defending to Win with the 3-5-2

with Steve McCrath, Barry University Head Coach;
holds an "A" Coaching License from the United States Soccer Federation and an NSCAA Master Coach License, 4x Sunshine State Conference Coach of the Year and 2x South Region Coach of the Year; led his team to 9 NCAA tournament appearances, finishing as the runner-up in 2000; 4x SSC Champions

The 3-5-2 system can cause problems for opponents, as it is seldom used and can quickly overload specific areas of the pitch. By learning to use the 3-5-2 appropriately, you can train your team to employ an intense, high-pressure defense that will earn your team more counterattacks and scoring opportunities. Through the use of live practice footage and classroom analysis, Steve McCrath carefully outlines the essential practice sessions you will need in order to defend within the 3-5-2 formation

Coach McCrath begins the video describing the characteristics he would like to see from each position in his 3-5-2 formation. This information is vital because this will give coaches a great idea on the qualities they need to look for from each position in this system.

The practice then moves into a touch possession game where Coach McCrath puts an emphasis on defensive positioning. McCrath takes his team through some half field drills that he uses to coach defensive shape. You get to see McCrath coach his team live in the drill. He gives out several coaching points during the games, and you can listen in as McCrath coaches his players in a post-training conference.

Coach McCrath diagrams the 3-5-2 on a whiteboard and talks about where to arrange players, the traits you might look for in certain key positions, and the roles of the players depending on where the attacking team has the ball. Further, McCrath points out the weaknesses of defending with only three in the back and how the 3-5-2 formation can be broken down without the proper pressure being applied by the defending team. Key concepts McCrath shares include the importance of timing, pressure, and commitment.

Throughout the video, McCrath stresses the importance of communication among the players, and how every players needs to open their mouth and communicate with their teammates.

This is a good video for a coach who is trying to view what take place in Barry University practice. Coach McCrath explains the 3-5-2 from a defensive perspective, and he shows how he coaches his players to get the proper results.

71 minutes. 2013.

Training Games for Attacking Play

with Steve McCrath, Barry University Head Coach;
holds an "A" Coaching License from the United States Soccer Federation and an NSCAA Master Coach License, 4x Sunshine State Conference Coach of the Year and 2x South Region Coach of the Year; led his team to 9 NCAA tournament appearances, finishing as the runner-up in 2000; 4x SSC Champions

Creating quality shots is the key to consistently scoring goals. The first few seconds after your team wins the ball is the best time to catch the opponent at a disadvantage. Barry University Head Coach Steve McCrath has assembled drills and small-sided games that, when coached properly, will help you squeeze more goals out of your season by catching your opponent off guard.

Through the exclusive use of live training sessions, Coach McCrath lets you see what a high performance practice looks like, from functional warm-ups to goal-scoring games. This DVD features several training games that will get your team thinking about goal scoring every time they win the ball.

These practice drills that help encourage an attack-minded approach to the game through:

  • Transitioning quickly from defense to offense
  • Recognizing how to support the attack with proper positioning
  • Quickly changing the point of attack to keep your opponent on their heels
Players will be put into game-like situations that encourage communication and the need to support teammates off the ball.

Coach McCrath begins the DVD with a clever setup variation of a technical training drill used by many coaches to work on volleys, half volleys, thigh-to-foot control, chest-trapping, and heading the ball. The team then moves into a "skill cauldron" that allows the players to work on different touches in a short amount of time. The drill has several variations and the players can execute the touches going different directions, which also has the added pressure of many a great touch so the training can be executed properly.

Coach McCrath then has his team move into a transversion game that works on possession. The team then transfers into a simple offense vs. defense competitive drill done in the attacking third. This training exercise provides for game-like situations that will help your players gain the confidence they need to execute in live competition. The final drill allows attackers to finish balls played into the box with defenders.

Each session summarizes the important aspects of quick transition from defense to offense that will help you outline the important coaching points. Coach McCrath lets you peek into his training culture and shows you how to provide effective, meaningful feedback to players.

This DVD shows drills and concepts that can be used by youth and advanced coaches alike to improve their team's chances of scoring goals. Scoring is often a result of attitude and belief. This DVD provides coaches with drills they can use to help their players become successful in attack by both challenging their ability and providing opportunities to succeed.

52 minutes. 2013.

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Steve McCrath Soccer 2-Pack

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