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Rapid Fire Shooting and Finishing Drills for Soccer

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  • Learn how and when to shoot the ball for team success
  • Learn how to create as many goal-scoring opportunities as possible
  • Learn when to shoot for placement or for power
with George Kuntz,
UC Irvine Head Men's Soccer Coach

George Kuntz delivers a number of attacking options for your games and a variety of training sessions for your practices.

Kuntz coaches his players through his best small field drills and game variations. Using a small field creates as many goal-scoring opportunities as possible, more decisions in tight spaces, more touches on the ball, and ensures that every opportunity is dangerous to the defending team.

Drills include:

  • 1v1 Transition Shooting Exercise - teaches attackers how to use time and space to create early shooting opportunities. This is a fast paced drill that maximizes the number of shots per player. This exercise also allows for immediate reaction in transition for the shooting player and forces immediate decisions.
  • 2v1 Finishing Exercise - forces the attackers to read the defender and create problems for the defender by bending runs or making overlapping runs while remaining in an onside position. The attackers in this exercise must focus on receiving a pass and making a one or two touch finish on goal.
  • 3v2 Continuous Exercise - focuses on movement off of the ball, finding the extra player, deciding to go to goal or to pass, and taking the earliest available shot.
  • 3v2 to 2v1 Carry-over Exercise - Principles from the previous training still apply, but in this exercise the focus is on the transition from a defending state of mind to an attacking state of mind and vice versa.

In the small scrimmage games section of this video, the offense is provided a numbers advantage so that they can create extra options by utilizing neutral players and players in the wing positions.

For the final variation, Kuntz evens the number of players on each team and challenges the players to create numbers up situations on their own. Kuntz looks for players to be creative, maintain an attacking and defending shape, make runs off the ball and shoot high percentage shots on goal with the proper shooting principles established over the course of the video.

Throughout the video, Kuntz encourages the athletes to take as many shots on target as possible. He breaks down proper shooting technique and explains how technique directly relates to shots on target. Kuntz also distinguishes between placement of a shot vs. the power of a shot and identifies when to use one over the other.

This DVD will provide your the team the chance to get as many shots on goal as possible in a short amount of time.

44 minutes. 2010.

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