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Game Winning Set Pieces

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  • Create multiple options on free kicks to confuse your opponents and maximize your scoring opportunities
  • Train attackers to take defenders away from the goal in order to create attacking space
  • Defend corner kicks using both a man marking system and a zonal system
  • Learn to clear space behind the wall on free kicks to create opportunities
  • Use the throw-in to maximize scoring chances
with Richard Smith,
Triumph Futbol Club Director of Coaching,
USSF A, NSCAA Premier Diploma (distinguished pass), UEFA B and USSF National Youth Licenses;
1999 Coach of the Year, Challenger Sports (British soccer camps)

Set pieces are a great opportunity for teams to take advantage of a situation and come away with a goal. A team that can set up their attack quickly and communicate their intentions amongst themselves have an advantage against a defense that is scrambling to set up.

In this DVD, Richard Smith provides examples of several different ways to organize an attack when taking a free kick, corner kicks, and throw-ins and explains the reasoning behind the player positioning, the need for players to time their runs, and the need for trickery and improvisation.

Through the exclusive use of training footage, this video will effectively help you and your players identify the most common situations that can either help or hinder successful set pieces. Using this information, Coach Smith shows multiple starting points and runs that keep coaching points simple but allow your team to create dozens of effective scoring plays.

In one session, Coach Smith first shows you why the ball is most often lost on an attacking throw-in. He then clearly demonstrates how to make the most of throw-ins by creating space so that the ball can be advanced on the attack. From that point you will learn how to use quick combination play to get out of tight spaces or go directly to goal. Not only will you see ways to increase scoring opportunities, but Coach Smith shares his knowledge of defending set pieces as well.

His key coaching points include:

  • executing the proper timing and spacing of runs
  • using the proper signals to organize your set pieces during the game
  • attacking the ball in front of the goal
  • individual and team responsibilities using zonal marking
In addition, Coach Smith shows attacks that are applicable to different age groups, so you can take a free kick from this DVD and apply it directly to the age group you are coaching.

It's estimated 30% to 50% of the goals scored in professional soccer come from set pieces. No coach can ignore the opportunities set pieces provide. This DVD will provide new ideas on how you can attack on set pieces.

94 minutes. 2012.

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